Before he was a leading man in soap operas, now he leads a life with God. This actor became Pastor

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During the decade of the two thousand years, Rodrigo Abed consolidated his career as one of the favorite leading men and villains of the small screen. His work in the telenovela “When you will be mine“and the drug series”The Lord of the heavens” made him gain a lot of popularity.

Despite the success, his participation in the film “scars“, when he was going through a bad moment in his life, it led him to a rapprochement with the Christian life. According to Rodrigo, at the end of the film the producer gave him a Bible and there he realized that man does not live by bread alone.

Rodrigo Abed became a Pastor

I began to have a communication with God and from that moment everything made sense, life was changing. What I try to tell you in these conferences is that the love of soap operas does not exist“He also pointed out christian speakerwho is now dedicated to preaching as Pastor.

Since then, Rodrigo has moved away from the recording forums for a bit, but he has not left social networks, where he is usually very active, carrying his Christian message, especially focused on women, to whom he assures that there is no better empowerment than carrying the purpose that God has given them.

Being a Christian is a stigma for an actor

The actor pointed out that the issue of religion in Mexico is something that generates certain stigmata and divisions because people tend to label the Christians. Because of this, he does not consider himself a Christian by religion but a Christian by definition.

For me it is a great surprise to discover our country, how big it is, how many people and how diverse. I love discovering wherever I go I meet such beautiful and needy people in their hearts, for a cuddle from Papa God, I love being here what beautiful things they have in their squares, how beautiful the architecture of the placer”, said Abed in an interview for The Sun of Tampico.

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