Barbershop creates clip inspired by “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” for promotion

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  • Today the digital conversation has become a key element in the positioning of companies within the taste of consumers.

  • Currently, there is an estimated digital community of just over 5 billion worldwide.

  • Much of the importance of digital conversion is the decrease in the competitiveness of companies.

Within the current context, social networks have been positioned as the great springboard that people and businesses have to gain virality and therefore competitiveness within current commerce, because thanks to the digital conversation that can be generated, which decreases the competition gap between companies; However, to achieve the expected impact, you must have viral strategies that provide feedback and organic growth within the digital conversation, as shown by a barbershop who created a clip inspired by “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” for promotion.

Today the digital conversation has become one of the main trends, this due to the large number of Internet users who are active, a figure that almost reaches 5 million worldwide, this according to what was indicated by the Digital Report provided by “We are Social”, a figure that demonstrates the importance of conversation within the positioning of companies.

Barbershop creates clip inspired by “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” for promotion

During the nineties “The Prince of Rap in Bel-Air”, was placed as one of the main television programs, programming that catapulted actor Will Smith to fame, this due to the great performance that gives him wide fame, The same thing that has kept it as an icon of popular culture, so much so that it has been taken by a barber, who decided to recreate the intro of the series, to promote his barbershop.

It is through social networks that entrepreneurs and merchants can achieve great virality, which allows them to become competitors in the current market, as shown by a user of networks, who comments that “except” her mother’s taco shop when make the business viral within the TikTok platform.

@tacoboutjoysTrying to introduce some new dishes to the menu as a weekend special first! Come try my moms caldo de res today 1/14 from 10:30-9pm!

♬ I Think I Like When It Rains – WILLIS

The virality of social networks allows entrepreneurs and merchants to generate competitiveness within the current market, this due to the great virality that can be achieved within the digital conversation, which allows consumers to expand their trading options.

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