Babo’s viral video: why did the singer of the Santa Cartel become a trend? | MEXICO

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Know the story here. Eduardo Dávalos de Luna, or better known in the world of Mexican rap as , is one of the most important vocalists of this genre in Mexico. He is part of the band called and in the last hours it has been the most sought after on social networks, generating countless reactions and thousands of memes, especially in .

Be careful, it is an explicit video that has not been shown on social networks such as YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. Babo decided that her video clip would be posted on the adult content platform, OnlyFans, where very few users have been able to access to later filter the clip.

Why is Babo’s viral video trending?

It turns out that Babo has gone viral on social networks after a clip of just over 40 seconds was leaked, with audiovisual material that was published on the OnlyFans adult content platform. The video is totally explicit and shows Babo in intimate situations with various women. This video has been reacted by hundreds of users and a huge number of memes have been created so far.

How old is Babo?

Babo is the lead vocalist for the Mexican rap band Cartel de Santa. Born in Nuevo León, Mexico, on November 16, 1976, he is currently 46 years old and has been in said rap group since its founding in 1996. Without a doubt, this filtered clip may be a rebound in his career. . Let’s remember that he has also been part of a movie called Los Jefes.

How did Babo react to your video?

El Babo, after the leak of this video, has been responding to some meme comments that users have made on social networks about their genitals. The first reaction was to post some funny faces to one of the memes. At the moment it has not ruled on the content of the video.



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