avoid being scammed when buying them

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In recent years, we have seen how Apple has added to its operating system different ways of check when original components are being used on the iPhone, such as the screen. Now go a step further with iOS 16 warning when AirPods are being paired that they are fake.

Avoid getting fake AirPods as originals with iOS 16

This is something that has been discovered by 9to5mac in the Release Candidate code of iOS 16 Y iPad OS 16which will be the same as will be released on September 12 to all users. This feature promises to easily detect all counterfeit AirPods that you want to link to the iPhone or iPad. Specifically, the message says: “These earbuds could not be verified as original AirPods and may not behave as expected“.

In the same dialog box, an information button will be offered to access the Apple website. In this case it will be explained how to spot the fake AirPods among the original ones. But luckily, for now, Apple will allow you to continue using them, you can continue with the link, although the company will offer the option not connectas long as the user cannot use them due to some limitations.

In the market you can find a lot of AirPods that It has a design that perfectly resembles the originals. Both physically and serially they are also taken from original AirPods. Although, when connecting them it will be possible to determine if they are original or not.

This is really useful, especially to avoid scams. Keep in mind that in the market They can try to sell you some AirPods as originals, with a very high price, but in reality they are fake. Now with iOS 16 you will simply have to make the link before making the purchase and you will know if they are original or not. This will prevent you from falling into this trap.