Augusto Lotti, the young man who punished Boca JuniorsHalf time

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Blue Cross set his sights on Augusto Lotti to be his reinforcement in the Closing 2023. The celestial ones observed it, they negotiated it and they signed it in record time this winter; However, he points out that among his letter of introduction there is a story that links him to Boca Juniors.

Like the vast majority of Argentine children, lotti I had the illusion of making a career in club xeneizeHe entered his inferiors and spent a few years there, until out of nowhere, he was informed that he would not continue in the institution. A hard blow that was difficult to assimilate.

“I started in the Infantiles de Boca, I spent many years in the club, but when I was in seventh grade (15 years old), Coqui Raffo set me free. He told me that the other boys who played in my position had more potential than me, that hurt me a lot… In the end, in that category, I was the only striker who came to play in the First Division,” the sky-blue attacker told the newspaper today. Olé in August 2022.

The disappointment that he experienced accompanied him for several years, but never did give up your main goal what it was like to debut in professional football. lotti tried his luck in racinga club that signed him, but had no place for him in its first team, so in 2015 they lent him to FC Wohlenof the Second Division of Swiss.

After two seasons in Swiss football, he returned to the Avellaneda club, where he ran into Diego Cocca as a coach and he again denied him the opportunity to be in the first team, so in the 2017-2018 season he was sent to the reserve team and there he emerged as a scorer. This was worth so the Academy will renew it with a million-dollar termination clause, but once again it was on loan.

Soccer gives revenge

Santa Fe Union It opened the doors for the 2018-2019 season, and it was prior to the start of the campaign, when in a friendly he faced Boca Juniorsduel that generated mixed feelings because he faced the team that broke his heart as a child.

And who was going to say it, lotti ended up being a figure in that preparation game, scoring a brace against the Xeneizes: It was 14 minutes into the game when his teammate Braian Álvarez was injured and was replaced. Leonardo Madelón sent the current attacker of Blue Crossone of the young bets that was ‘uncovered’ in that commitment.

His performance before Boca Juniors It was worth it to gain regularity with the Unión de Santa Fe team, as the long-awaited debut in the First Division of Argentine soccer arrived. And a year later he had the opportunity to make the leap to another important club in his country: Atletico Tucuman.

A new goal to Boca and direct to Cruz Azul

Already with more corrido in the First Division, lotti returned to face Boca Juniors, but this time in an Argentine League match; It was on August 22, 2022, when the attacker removed his thorn and in an official match (2-1) scored a goal against the Xeneizes in the same Bombonera, a building where he always dreamed of playing.

“Since the day I went to try myself on, I had the illusion of be able to debut there. It was very hard when I found out that he had to leave”, recalled the striker, who with that goal put an end to his frustrated dream with the Xeneizes to now reach a great mexican soccer How is it Blue Cross.


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