Audrey Hepburn and her 5 wellness rules

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Of audrey hepburn we learned many things, also about well-being and positivity. Without a doubt, he left us a legacy of beautiful phrases and lessons linked to the emotional field. To show a button or, rather, one of his most inspiring phrases: “I think in pink. I think laughing is the best way to burn calories. I believe in kisses, in kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to go wrong. And I think that happy girls are the most beautiful. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles”. Because in just a few lines the actress managed to summarize part of the essence of peace of mind, we review some of the best well-being tips that we learned from her.

#one. Learn to work insecurity

donald spotoauthor of Audrey Hepburn: biography, speaks on several occasions about the insecurity in herself that the actress felt, who at the same time had great discipline, capacity for work and dedication to others. In fact, she refers to some statements by Hepburn in which she recalled how she was Cary Grant who made him reflect on the importance of working on that insecurity. “One day when she must have been nervous or restless, Cary told me something very important. We were sitting together, waiting for the next take, and she took my hands in hers and she whispered to me: “You have to learn to like yourself a little more”. It’s something I’ve thought about a lot,” said the actress.

#2. Enjoy the little things

Now we speak fervently of the importance of train positivity, something that Hepburn worked on all her life. In fact, she learned to be positive even when circumstances didn’t make it easy for her. “I have often felt depressed and unhappy with myself,” she once said. However, despite the bad times, she learned to train hope. Her son, Luca Dotti, explained it this way during an interview. “He had more than a positive outlook. She was naive as a child. Every time she found something new, or she went to the market, or she found a new recipe, she was excited like a little girl”. Seeking emotions in the small pleasures of life is also taking care of mental health.

#3. we are the ones who eat

Audrey had a petite body –He was 1.70 meters tall and weighed 55 kilos.according to Spoto in his book-, but he enjoyed cooking for others and eating two of his favorite foods: pasta and chocolate. He never skipped breakfast, he ate a little of everything –although he prioritized the consumption of cereals, vegetables and fruit– and he enjoyed it. Because we are what we eat (and Audrey knew it). And eating a little chocolate every afternoon was another way to be a little happier.

#4. The importance of thinking of others

We have already talked about how the Solidarity it was also a way of caring for one’s own well-being and that of others. “The act of giving positions us in a place of mental restsince making the effort to be for the other keeps us from staying in those moments that we all have an emotional block in which we get entangled and obsessed within the impasse of thinking about the past, present and future in an anxious way and with anticipatory anxiety. Actions of care and responsibility towards the people around us give us a psychological sensation of tranquility and serenity”, explained the psychologist Pilar Guerra Escudero. Audrey was always very supportive. “It was about that wonderful old-fashioned idea that others come before yourself. That was the ethic in which they had educated me”, said the actress, who lived through World War II as a child and was involved in the tasks of the United Nations Relief and Aid Program from a very young age.

#5. Find moments of solitude (positive)

Psychologists say it: the positive loneliness or, what is the same, looking for moments to be alone is a stronghold to reconnect with our emotions and is healthy for the mind. And Hepburn also said it in an interview with LIFE Magazine. “I would be very happy if I spent Saturday night until Monday morning alone in my apartment. That’s how I recharge my energy.”


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