Atlas will be fined up to almost 2MDP for the MX LeagueMediotiempo

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The rescheduling of the first game at the Atlas home in this Clausura 2023 against Toluca, for the poor condition of the field of the Jalisco Stadiumtoo will generate a fine from the Liga MX Disciplinary Commissionconfirmed the same president of the Guadalajara club, José Riestra.

In a press conference where he presented his two reinforcements, Jaziel Martínez and Brian Lozano, The Atlas boss talked about what is coming for Atlas in terms of finesand they are waiting for it.

“Yes, definitely, there is a penalty. If we read the statement, this turns to disciplinary. And there is a new regulation that was approved in December, one more article to the regulation, which must be recognized. What people tell us is that they are going to get it back. I ask for patience, because visually it will not look one hundred, but it will be in an optimal state to play, ”he mentioned.

Surely the Disciplinary Commission will dictate some sanction that we have to receive but it is not just a matter of Atlas, but towards the Stadium. And from the alternate headquarters, if we do not reach the League protocol, we will have to look for options. After the plan, there should be no problem to play against Mazatlán.

According to the regulations of Liga MX, Atlas and at once, Black Lions, will be fined with amounts ranging from 50 to 20 thousand UMAs, which in 2023 is 89.62 pesos. That is, the economic punishment would go from 4,481 pesos to 1,792,400 pesosdepending on the case of the value.

The UMA is the Measurement and Update Unit, and is an economic reference to know the payment of obligations by weight.

“Of course it takes time to make the decision, and we have done it because we made the effort to get it out until the last minute. The field has to be changed and the games do not allow us, ”he added.

The Jalisco stadium is in poor condition after both Los Bukis concertswhich were in November, in addition to the Cup for Mexicowhich was played in December.

Hope it’s “playable” this Thursday for Matchday 2, when they receive Mazatlán.

“Since the group took over, I knew that the Stadium was a challenge and that is where decision-making is not easy. Resources must be generated, it was not easy to postpone Date 1 ”, he accepted.

The stadium needs an investment, there have been changes in the lighting, a strong investment was made and the door will be open. But today it has not been explored and every day what happens, forces us to look for alternatives.

About the duel against Toluca, Riestra confirmed that it will be on February 1 when it is played in the same Jalisco Stadium.

“In terms of the pitchers, they have done a great job 24/7 to get the field back. Unfortunately there was a series of events that led us to have the field as we have it. First the concert reschedulingit was not on those dates, it was postponed, the Cup for Mexico who did not give enough time and intense work, they have made a great effort, there was an assessment by the League and it was determined that there were no conditions,” he said.

The game against Mazatlán is confirmedwe will only have to wait for the unfortunate events of sinaloa. The game against Toluca is confirmed for February 1 and we must apologize.


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