At the age of 9, he will enter the Faculty of Medicine.

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Want to find a cure for cancer

Chiapas.– Due to her high IQ, a nine-year-old Mexican girl enrolled in a medical career.

Michelle Arellano Guillén is a gifted human being. In fact, she registered an IQ of 158. That is, just two points below compared to the scientist Albert Einstein.

Before local media, the family of the Mexican girl who will study medicine, admitted that she was rejected from several schools. For this reason, tests were carried out to determine her intelligence.

This is how it was discovered that Michelle is part of a small group of people whose IQ is far above average. As an example, a human being considered “normal” registers between 90 and 109 points.

It was reported that she was promoted from fourth to sixth grade. However, due to her intelligence, she applied various exams to complete her basic education.

Now, the Mexican girl will study medicine. She wants to train as a cardiovascular surgeon at the University of Massachusetts, United States.

In fact, his mother studied the same professional career. Another career of interest to him is marine biology, so it could be his second degree.

In addition, Michelle speaks four languages ​​apart from Spanish: English, Italian, French and German. Her learning is accelerated due to her high intelligence quotient (IQ).

In an interview, the Mexican girl revealed that she would like to find a cure for cancer. She also wants to study autism.

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