As the iPhone 14 Plus sells little, the solution for Apple seems to be to raise the prices of the iPhone Pro, according to Gurman

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Apple has a problem with iPhone 14Plus. The configuration of the new iPhone with standard specifications, but with the size of the iPhone 14 Pro, is not convincing, and reports indicate that the company knows it and has sent to recalculate how many units of the smartphone will build.

The problem comes, calculates leaker Mark Gurman, from the little price difference between the iPhone 14 Plus put up for sale in the United States at a cost of $899, compared to the price of the first iPhone Pro, whose price is $100. more, 999.

So then, Gurman considers two scenarios: either standard iPhones would have to come down in price, or, what he thinks is more likely, pro versions will go up and clearly establish a significant price gap to stand out from the two less equipped smartphones.

Marking a gap would impact users who pay for their devices in a single exposure and would do so even more when it comes to iPhones that are purchased in installments. Again Gurman elaborates on the argument that, in the United States, the minimum difference between the iPhone 14 Plus and the iPhone 14 Pro is reflected in a monthly payment difference of just eight dollars.

Persuading consumers to spend that extra sum should be especially easy this year when you consider the new features they’re getting: the Pro versions have a 48-megapixel rear camera and Dynamic Island, while the regular models are some of the worst. most minor iPhone updates to dateGurman writes in his newsletter, Power On.

If the forecast is accurate, we will soon have the first iPhone Pro at the $1,100 barrier and the second would cost even more. As of today, only the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a price that starts at $1,099. and in Mexico it costs from 28,999 pesos.

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