“As a South American, Czech has many ups and downs”

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Helmut Marko now associated the performance of Checo Pérez with the regions in the world or the nationalities

The adviser of Red Bull Helmut Marko pointed out that Czech Perez He has had ups and downs in the season that have prevented him from staying at a high level due to his “South American” origin, he assured in an interview with Sky Germany.

“As a South American, Checo generally has many ups and downs,” said the always controversial Helmut Marko, one of the main voices within the organization.

This is not the first time that Helmut Marko makes a critical but generalized and simplistic claim against Mexicobecause a few months ago he pointed out that Czech Perez is used to seeing a warlike atmosphere, this due to the incidents that took place during the celebration of the qualification of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and in reference to the problems caused by organized crime.

“Max is a little more relaxed about it. Pérez is a little scared, but living in Mexico City is not much safer,” the Austrian said on that occasion.

With respect to Belgian Grand Prix held this weekend, Helmut Marko Marko mentioned that the man from Guadalajara did not need the slipstream of Max Verstappen to get the first position or stay ahead of Carlos Sainz and pointed out that Checo made a mistake in the second sector.

“Perez was quick enough. Unfortunately, he made a mistake in the second moto, otherwise he would have finished second.”

“We wanted to get the set of tires [de Max]. Two new ones and also one with which he did the fastest lap,” he told Sky Germany.

“We only use one set of tires [en la Q3] and did not take the second at all. That means we now have two new sets of soft tyres. That could also play in our favor,” added the former pilot.

Similarly, he puts all his trust in Verstappen, who will start this weekend from 15th position.

“With speeding, it shouldn’t take long under normal conditions, because experience has shown that our car is even stronger with a full tank and Max is in very good shape and has full confidence in himself.” .

“We are even more optimistic now and I think it is possible to be close to the podium. Spa is a circuit where there are always incidents and a safety car at the right time, so I think it is maybe even more possible because of the distance, which Max has put up there with the competition it’s impressive.”