As a doll, Cazzu melts the net with a mini dress, stockings and high heels

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Cazzu wowed her more than 10.4 million followers on Instagram by sharing a photo session in which he posed with a mini dress, stockings and high heels that made her look like a doll. Despite only having published them for a few minutes, she already received thousands of “likes” and messages from her fans, who did not miss the opportunity to fill her with compliments.

Juliet Emilia Cazzuchelli, real name of the trapera, is one of the most important exponents of urban music in Latin America. Also, she is currently making headlines in entertainment publications. because he has a relationship with Christian Nodal, you recently spoke about. Although their romance was very controversial at first, it seems that fans have already started to support them and send them well wishes.

Cazzu looks like a doll in a mini dress

The alleged girlfriend of the singer of “Bottle After Bottle” started the weekend with a seductive attitude, Well, this Saturday morning he shared a photo session on the Meta platform in which posed in a mini dress that made her stand out her slender and curvaceous silhouette, stealing the glances of her admirers who immediately commented on the publication with flattering words.

“I want to make you Hentai @rickysarkany shoes / @guevaraocampo”, he placed in the description of the photos, referring to the genre of manga and anime that have explicit sexual content. Also, his wardrobe resembled that of drawings or dolls that appear in this type of content, which is consumed mostly by adults.

In the images you can see Cazzu wearing a black mini dress with a corset that has imitation leather applications. The garment has a shirt type with a “v” neck and butterfly cut sleeves, which she combined with white stockings and platform heels that stylized her legs and gave the 28-year-old artist height.

With these photos, Cazzu makes it clear that he has no problem show different and daring designs of clothes, because you have to remember that this is not the first time that you turn on the network with one of your outfits, pYou have to remember that you constantly share content with him, show off your curvaceous silhouettewhich is greatly admired by her fans, who fill her with “likes”.

The singer is in one of her best moments, because while she continues with her musical career, she has been seen very affectionate with the regional Mexican interpreter, who is one of the most successful in the industry and who apparently is giving her a new chance at love, this after breaking up with his fiancee Belinda and that a series of controversies were unleashed due to the causes of their breakup.


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