Arnold Schwarzenegger’s friend who trained until 90

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    Doug Evans, former bodybuilder and friend of the legend of Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger, passed away a few days ago at the age of 94, but we are amazed that he continued training in the gym until he was 90, incredible! Evans took up weightlifting at age 12, lifting rocks and planks that his mother used to bake food on her ranch.

    Over time, he perfected his training and took care of his diet to the point that he became a professional bodybuilding judge and traveled the world sharing his knowledge, including with Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom he met at one of those events, forging with him a close friendship. Specifically, they met when Evans was a judge on Mister Universe and Arnie was not yet an actor. It was the golden age of bodybuilding and Schwarzenegger was king.

    “He treated his body like a temple”

    Doug’s nephew, Christopher Evans, paid him this tribute: “He treated his body like a temple. There are so many memories I have with him and although he was very independent and possibly a little stubborn, I actually learned everything from him. He took care of himself.” himself in all the years he lived alone, and that was him and probably the way he wanted it. It was amazing how much he knew about his body and all the different muscles he had wrought to the millimeter. Besides, he was a gentleman who would do anything. anything for anyone, he always lent his time to the most needy people, he even called his doctor sir, and he was a gentleman until his last days, he lived a simple life and that’s probably why he lived until that golden age, 94, and training “. (The brutal physical transformation of this 60-year-old grandfather).

    Considering how he wanted his uncle to be remembered, Christopher commented, “My memories will always be of the good he did for people during his life and never shied away from injustice, and that was him in a nutshell.”

    Anecdotally, a doctor once told Doug Evans, “The problem with you, Dougie, is that you have the body of a 90-plus-year-old man, but the mind of a 19-year-old boy.”

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