Aries horoscope for November 2022: Your predictions for the month

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Around November 16 you will find yourself ready to let go of emotional weight that has accumulated in your heart over the last six months. It is a cycle that favors you to begin to heal from a broken relationship and from the bad experiences that you saw after having opened your heart to the wrong person. It’s a good time to stop talking to your ex once and for all.

Starting on November 17, the month fills you with opportunities to lose the fear of communicating with people or opportunities that are far from your comfort zone, even far from your hometown or terrain that is somehow familiar to you. Get ready to take a risk or take an opportunity for expansion.

Near the end of the month, on November 22, your attention and energy begin to be directed towards resolving an issue that you have pending with a mentor, your university, or your desire to cross borders. If there is someone in another city waiting for a response from you or you left a project or distance relationship on ‘stand by’the last ten days of the month can lead you to retake it and give it a solution.

Every month we have a New Moon that gives us the energy of beginnings, and the one on November 23 favors you to manifest a new adventure. One that can even lead you to cross borders, to undertake a project completely different from what you thought and to explore new territories.

So the days after November 23 are ideal for you to dare to say yes to the proposals that arrive, and that allow you expand your ideasyour knowledge and even put new stamps in your passport.

November and December have prepared a scenario in which you will be able to cleanse yourself and release burdens you carry long time charging. Pay close attention to the issues, situations and stories that are beginning to stir in this period of the year and that you need to leave behind de-fi-ni-ti-va-mente.


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