Argentina changes its name to ARJINTINA after the arrival of Jin from BTS

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In Argentina, fans of bts They are extremely excited about the visit Jin, the older member and Worldwide Handsome of BTS, is doing in his country on the occasion of his presentation in one of the concerts that the legendary British band is offering Coldplay in the capital of the country and where he will take the opportunity to premiere his theme ‘The Astronaut’.

Jin’s arrival in the South American country became a complete trend in social networks and has been the main news of the local media.

Some fans of the group have even edited photos of the Worldwide Handsome with the Argentina soccer shirt, and they hope that you can try typical foods and drinks such as mate, one of the most representative of the country and that is taken every day in the morning.

Upon arrival at the international airport of Ezeiza in the city of Buenos Aires, different photos and videos of the idol began to circulate.

The phrase “It can be a photo” went viral in Twitter, after an airport employee asked the Idol for a photo.

The first thing Jin did when he arrived in Argentina was apologize for his fans, because even though he wanted to see them, he explained that there were many people so he could go out, so he was afraid that everyone would get hurt in the concentration

The fury of the arrival of Jin to the country, has made the ARMY I have already changed the name to Argentina by Argentina, to welcome the singer and make him feel at home. This gesture has undoubtedly been very well received by the rest of the fandom around the world.

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