Are you feeling bad? Find out what you have with this app

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How many times have we gotten sick and tried to find out on the Internet what we can have through our symptoms. It could almost be said that the possible diagnoses, as well as the results offered by cyberspace, are infinite. That’s why, it is essential to consult a health professional to start treatment as soon as possible consistent with our chart.

However, advances in technology have allowed the development of highly reliable health tools They can also help identify which specific health problem you have. In this sense, Take carePlusin collaboration with Mediktor, has launched an application that, using artificial intelligence techniques, is responsible for guiding the user about what ailments or illnesses they may be suffering from.

“I am Oskar, your artificial intelligence based medical assistant, write your symptoms and I will help you in 3 minutes”. This is how this application is presented, free and available both for the web, and for the IOS and Android operating systems.

Thus, this symptom evaluator, as if it were a doctor, asks the user questions so that he explains in his own words the discomfort he has. After the questionnaire, offers a list of possible diseases and warns if the patient’s condition is more or less urgent.

As stated by Mediktor, “our mission is to improve access to medical care throughout the world, overcoming currently recognized problems such as the lack of efficiency in the provision of medical care and the general saturation of systems”.

In this way, CuídatePlus consolidates itself as a reference platform in prevention and health education by trying to help its readers to solve their doubts in the health field.

You can assess your symptoms here.