Apple will be able to return to what it was with the iPhone 16

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The current generation iPhone 14 series has not enjoyed as much popularity as on other occasions. This is due to the few changes it shows compared to previous devices, most of which have only gone to the Pro and Pro Max models, such as the Dynamic Island. Now, all eyes are on the next iPhone 15, but it won’t be until the iPhone 16 family when we see a significant evolution.

Although it is true that for the launch of the new Apple mobile phones this year, this dynamic island is expected to be extrapolated to all models, while the disappearance of the physical buttons and the materials used for their manufacture will also gain prominence. However, this would only be anticipation for the arrival of the iPhone 16 next year, which would land with a novelty that many users had been waiting for a long time.

The iPhone 16 will be the jewel in the crown

This was something that was rumored during the past year 2022, where there was talk that the iPhone 15 would be the first to integrate the Face ID for facial recognition under the screen itself. Now, this feature would have been delayed until 2024, that is, until the arrival of the iPhone 16.

The reasons for this longer wait are due to both business and technical issues, as confirmed by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who points out that “the true full-screen iPhone will arrive in 2024.” This would only apply to the higher-end models, which would have the Face ID sensor and front camera under the panel. In addition, Kuo also indicates that “the quality of the camera, the ISP and the algorithm will be crucial”.

@MacRumors @rsgnl Under display Face ID is coming to the iPhone (16), under display Touch ID is not…

March 30, 2022 • 21:32

An important aspect in this sense is that Apple must work so that the iPhone 16 screen adopts an ideal transparency so that face unlock works perfectly. This is because there is no fingerprint reader on Apple devices, although the possibility of its return has been raised, but it would not take place until 2025.

In this sense, it is important to note that the Cupertino company usually turns to Samsung for its iPhone screens. The South Korean brand would be working with OTI Lumionics to create a screen that allows sensors and cameras to be set under it. However, from the launch of the iPhone 15 it will collaborate with BOE, a Chinese company that intends to create the most transparent screen of history.

A unique 5G modem that would not arrive

According to the latest MacRumors report, Haitong International Securities analyst known as Jeff Pu reveals that the Apple’s first internal 5G modem it will not be ready for the launch of the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 16 would even be lost. Tim Cook’s company uses Intel modems, but these show lower performance than Qualcomm’s.

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This has forced him to look for an alternative to outperform Android’s 5G in this aspect. Without a doubt, it is bad news for the community, since Apple has been demonstrating for a long time that its processors are above Snapdragons, although in this quality it is not up to par. So we may not see a guaranteed 5G chip until the iPhone 17.

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