Apple threatens to fire an employee after posting a TikTok that went viral

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Paris Campbell, an Apple employee for almost 6 years, could lose her job as an in-house hardware engineer after posting a video on TikTok. As the employee herself has shared, a company representative suggested that she delete the video, in which she appears offering security advice to a user who lost her iPhone, if she did not want to have consequences, such as the dismissal of she.

“Hey, I can’t tell you exactly how I know this information, but I can tell you that for the last six years I’ve been a hardware engineer for a certain company that likes to talk about fruit,” Campbell mentions in the video, hinting that she works for Apple. .

Campbell’s TikTok is a kind of response to another TikTok from a user who claims to have lost her iPhone during the Coachella festival and subsequently received messages asking her to unlink her Apple ID from that iPhone or, otherwise, her personal information would be sold on the black market. In the rest of the video, Campbell offers advice and relevant information on why you should not offer that information to those who sent the message. “Your phone is really useless to them, and you’re the only person who can save them, and I suggest you don’t,” she mentions.

Campbell says he hasn’t violated Apple’s social media policy

The video, which went viral hours after its publication, and which accumulates more than 7 million views and more than one million likes At the time of writing this article, caused Campbell to receive a call from one of Apple’s representatives. This one, in particular, requested its removal for, allegedly, having breached the company’s social media policy.

Days later, Campbell posted another video in which she talks about the possibility of her being fired and in which alleges that it has not violated any of Apple’s rules regarding social media posts by its employees. “The funny thing is that after reviewing the social media policies, nowhere does it say that I can’t identify myself as an Apple employee publicly, just that I shouldn’t do it in a way that makes the company look bad,” says Campbell in the new TikTok titled ‘Dear Apple’.

According to TheVergethe social network policy de Apple prohibits its employees from speaking publicly about customers, as well as sharing confidential information. Campbell, however, ensures that he has not shared anything that is not publicly available. He details to the aforementioned media, in addition, that the company’s response “directly contrasts” with the company’s style “in terms of telling people to think differently, innovate and find creative solutions.”

Apple hasn’t commented publicly on the matter, and it’s also unclear if Campbell has lost his job. The original video is currently still available on the platform.