Apple is “seriously” concerned about iPhone 14 Plus sales and that means the iPhone 15 may be cheaper, according to a report

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Apple is “seriously” concerned about the poor sales of the iPhone 14 Plus, and that has led it to rethink its strategy for the iPhone 15. According to the report in naver from the user yeux1122, a leaker who has previously shared accurate and inaccurate information on other occasions, one of the possible paths that Apple would take is to make the iPhone 15 cheaper.

The leaker explains in his publication that Apple could follow two strategies: the first is to reduce the price of the Plus model in the next generation, which starts at $899, and that in turn would reduce the price of the standard iPhone 15currently priced at $799.

On the other hand, Apple’s second strategy would be to further accentuate the differences between the iPhone pro and non-pro to increase the price of older modelsas a way to drive adoption of the pro models due to their better features.

This second strategy is not exactly new, and in fact Mark Gurman already said previously which is a possibility for Apple, also as a consequence of the low sales of the iPhone 14 Plus.

According to the publication, both strategies are under consideration by Apple to apply to the next generation of smartphones, the iPhone 15. Gurman’s rumors and reports say that in 2023 there will be an iPhone 15 Ultra with USB-Cimportant design changes, and in the nomenclature, giving way to four models, each with a different name.

With respect to iPhone 14Plus, is the largest base model that came to replace the mini of past generations. It offers the same features as the iPhone 14, but in a screen size equal to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, despite Apple’s estimates, its commitment has not completely convinced the market and it is now evaluating another way to integrate it into its smartphone offering.

The presentation of the iPhone 15 is expected in September 2023In other words, there are still several months left for Apple to evaluate and make the best decision for its next smartphones.

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