Apitherapy, an alternative medicine for pets that helps with chronic pain

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For millennia it has been known that different civilizations used derivatives of bee hives for different medicinal and nutritional uses. The Egyptians, for example, went to the apitherapy in the treatment of diseases and injuries, while the Chinese used the properties of propolis in colds and respiratory and digestive pathologies.

Although this practice was somewhat neglected after the arrival of modern medicine, Some doctors and veterinarians use the derivatives of bee hives in their patients in multiple areas that include the prevention of diseases and pain in chronic pathologies.

Jorge Corredor, a veterinary doctor at the Universidad de los Llanos and a specialist in apitherapy, assured that, with the products of the hive, which include bee venom, propolis, honey, pollen, among others, can treat cancer, respiratory and digestive diseases, chronic pain and some types of atopic allergies.

As in humans, the properties of propolis work in the respiratory care of these animals; pollen serves as a multivitamin by having 22 amino acids, vitamins and minerals; royal jelly helps strengthen the immune system; bee venom is used to treat chronic pain from diseases such as hip dysplasia, knee problems and joint inflammation; honey helps treat wounds and improves the intestinal flora.

As for the chronic pain that can be treated in dogs and cats, there are those that have spinal cord problems, herniated discs, arthritis problems and osteoarthritis.

“In 2004 I started working in Canada with animals in a veterinary clinic and at the same time I started looking for other types of alternative therapies and went through different things; Chinese medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, among others. I liked the natural, until one time a diploma in apitherapy in humans appeared in Ontario, and I moved to Toronto for a month and a half and took that diploma in bee management”, said Corredor.

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