Anuel AA is the victim of a multimillion-dollar scam. Will it leave him bankrupt?

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Anuel AA, the self-styled “God of Trap” has been the victim of a multimillion-dollar scam on the platform Youtube, which would have endangered much of his fortune

According to the first reports given by Billboard and US authorities, Anuel AA was part of a long list of singers who suffered a little-known digital theft at the hands of a ghost media company, which claimed to be the owner of the copyright of more than 50 Latin artists on the platform. from YouTube.

‘Chenel’ Medina Terán and Webster ‘Yenddi’ Batista Fernández, were responsible for this gigantic theft, who created the agency called MediaMuv to deceive the owners of the royalties of hundreds of songs in Spanish.

According to authorities, Terán and Batista had been running what is now one of the largest music royalty scams ever recorded, and “the largest ever known in Mexico.” Youtube in history,” explained Billboard in its investigation.

However, despite this enormous inconvenience, Billboard revealed that all this money could be recovered and reach the hands of the people to whom it really belongs. The Puerto Rican ragpicker could solve this financial situation and not be compromised by his net marriage, which is around more than 5 million dollars