Anuel AA is sorry and wants to return to the life of Karol G

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The popular and controversial Puerto Rican ragpicker anuel aa He has been giving notary signs in which he would confirm that he has not yet been able to get over his ex-girlfriend, the Colombian reggaeton singer Carol G. This despite the fact that the interpreter is married to the Dominican trapper and influencer Yailin the most viral and expects a baby from her, who will soon come into this world.

In the social media, Internet users have been very aware of everything he does anuel aa with his wife Yailin the most viral And it is that the couple is sweetly waiting for a girl, who will come into the world in a few months.

However, several users of social networks noticed an action that the interpreter of ‘Baby’ did with his official Instagram account and that has generated all kinds of comments.

It turns out that the trapper liked a post from his ex-girlfriend Karol G, and although he removed the reaction in minutes, it was too late and several Internet users had captured the moment.

Through this, the discussion about the possible repentance that the Puerto Rican feels with his ex-wife has begun again. His fans and other followers of the Colombian massively condemn these actions of Anuel, since at the moment he is forming a family with Yailin.

The truth of the matter is that Carol G. in these he is enjoying a well-deserved vacation, after having successfully completed his last world tour. The interpreter no longer shows any interest in her ex-boyfriend, who at this time should be happy with her new love life.

And you, what do you think of the controversial action of anuel aa with Carol G.?

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