Anuel AA confirms that Karol G is the love of his life

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The Puerto Rican Trapper anuel aa It continues to give people something to talk about on social networks, and it is that since he reacted to a photo of his ex-girlfriend, the Colombian reggaeton singer Carol G, the users of the Web they affirm that the interpreter knows that “The Bichota” is the love of his life.

In recent weeks, Anuel AA and his wife, the Dominican trapper and influencer Yailin the most viral, They have been very happy with the expectation of their baby, which will be coming into the world shortly. And although many imagine that Puerto Ricans cannot be happier, the truth is that not everything is like that.

And it is that certain attitudes of the interpreter of ‘Baby’, They have made their fans and other followers begin to wonder why Anuel has been on the lookout for his ex-partner’s social networks, who at the moment is also in rumors of romance with the Colombian reggaeton singer and producer Feid.

And while Carol rebuilds his life, Anuel is still aware of what happened in his past. His marriage and his future daughter would not have him completely happy, but in the end, he is the one who knows what is really going on in his head.

Despite all the possible simulation I would be doing Anuel, His fans and other followers are sure that he knows very well that the love of his life is Carol G. But unfortunately, it is already too late to fix what happened between them, especially in these circumstances where he is already starting a new family with his wife.

The trapper married Yailin the most viral several months ago, so it is presumed that the young Dominican became pregnant just a few weeks after getting married.

And you, what do you think of all this controversy?

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