Antonela Roccuzzo uploaded a photo dressed in the colors of Argentina that revolutionized Instagram

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Antonela Roccuzzó shared a photo with a sporty look and the fans were excited to see the colors she wore (Photo: Instagram @antonelaroccuzzo)

Although the Qatar World Cup It came to an end on December 18, after Argentina lifted the World Cup, after 36 years, the World Cup fever does not stop. But it’s not just the fans who can’t stop sing “Boys, now we are excited again…” but also the Messi family itself. Memories and references to what was the dream of all Argentines come true do not stop appearing and both Lionel and Antonella Roccuzzo they took care of fueling the euphoria of the fans.

Antonela Roccuzzo shared the cutest photo of her dog Hulk and made an emphatic request to her followers

In the last days, Antonela was in charge of sharing with the fans, through his Instagram account, several postcards with the best memories of his stay in Qatar, from the celebrations on the field, to the afternoon walks and family moments. But, recently, she showed that it is not easy to let go of the World Cup, because even He uploaded a photo dressed in the favorite colors of the Argentines

Antonela shared an emotional postcard from her children during the celebrations at the Lusail Stadium (Photo: Instagram @antonelaroccuzzo)

Antonela shared an emotional postcard from her children during the celebrations at the Lusail Stadium (Photo: Instagram @antonelaroccuzzo)

The mother of Thiago, Mateo and Ciro, posted on her Instagram account her looks sports – winter, to train during the cold months of Europe. Although these days spends time with his family in his native Rosarioit is likely that the five will soon leave for France, since the 10th has commitments to fulfill with the squad of the Paris Saint-Germain.

Antonela Roccuzzo shared a photo from Qatar and a World Cup detail stole all eyes

But, the recent publication made by the businesswoman revolutionized Instagram. The reason? She wore a two-piece sports outfit made up of light blue leggings and a top. She complemented the outfits with a “teddy” coat, in white and another top in the same tone, and, as expected, his followers went crazy to see the albiceleste flag in the looks of the first lady of soccer.

Antonela wore a sports outfit in the colors of Argentina (Photo: Instagram @antonelaroccuzzo)

Antonela wore a sports outfit in the colors of Argentina (Photo: Instagram @antonelaroccuzzo)

But the colors would not have been chosen at random, because she herself commented on the photo with two hearts, one white and the other light blue. In this way, she once again made it clear not only that what happened in recent weeks in the Middle East left an indelible mark on the family of the captain of the Argentine team and also that “World Cup fever” is far from going down. .

Antonela Roccuzzo shared an unpublished photo of her children with the World Cup and a detail caught all the attention

After returning to the country and after greet the fans from above a bus, the world champions returned with their families to their respective homes. During the last few days, both they and their partners shared images and videos with special memories related to the World Cup that soon went around social networks.

Antonela Roccuzzo showed what the Messi Christmas tree is like and a detail stole all eyes

Antonela Roccuzzo was one of them and recently uploaded an unprecedented memory of the festivities at the Lusail Stadium after the win against France. The photo was de Mateo and Ciro glued to their father: one sitting between the legs and the other hanging on the back. However, all eyes were on one poignant detail: while the middle child had a firm grip on the World Cup base, the youngest had his hands resting on top.

The tender memory that Antonela shared

The tender memory that Antonela shared – Credits: @Instagram @antonelaroccuzzo

The children carefully analyzed the piece, felt its weight and checked what it was made of. Their eyes were fixed on the trophy, the one for which his father had fought throughout his career. “When dreams come true”Roccuzzo wrote in the post and thus summarized, in simple words, the essence of an image that they will surely treasure forever.

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