Anne Hathaway drives the networks crazy with dance in Paris

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Anne Hathaway enjoyed her time in Paris, France. Photo: Instagram

Anne Hathaway stole glances at the Paris Fashion Week when attending an event In a beaded strappy mini dress, detailed with gold and black sequins, and accompanied by leggings and animal print shoes, but what most attracted attention on social networks was when he went to a nightclub in the French capital.

The actress of “The Devil Wears Prada” visited a club in Paris and, to the rhythm of “Lady Marmalade”, stole the looks of those who were present with her dance movesamong them, her husband Adam Shulman, and after the millions of Internet users who enjoyed their steps.

The published video lasts only a few seconds, but the happiness shown by the 40-year-old actress has made the networks fall in love and, so far, has accumulated more than 12 million views.

The foregoing made users in networks begin to generate opinions, mostly positive, as they commented that she looked very young and beautiful enjoying the dance.

This is how Twitter reacted to Anne Hathaway’s dance

the video of Anne Hathaway dancing “Lady Marmalade” caused such a stir in Twitterthat his name became a trend and that is how users reacted.

This is how Anne Hathaway loved it in Paris

The popular actress attended, like many other celebrities, the Paris Fashion Weekand was present at the haute couture parade of valentine; After this, she attended a party where she was recorded dancing with great happiness.

The arrival of hathaway The parade caused a stir, but it did so, not so much because of her dress, but rather because of the stockings she wore. In keeping with the rest of the outfit and betting all his cards on a single pattern, she wore stockings that reinterpret the fantasy-style ones that are back this year.

The choice of the interpreter is another bet that also simulates the skin of the leopard with rhinestones. A striking option that combined, to match, with pointed-toe pumps and a clutch with the same printsand with long earrings that she revealed with her loose hair collected behind her ear.

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