Anna Ferro must vacate the house where she lived with Fer del Solar

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The death of Fernando del Solar keep giving what to talk about. And it is that as a result of the famous one leaving this plane, legal problems have surfaced, this after Anna Ferro revealed that Coronado had allegedly sued del Solar days before he died, something that was denied by the former host of come the joy. However, the information continues. Now it has been revealed that apparentlyr Ferro could be evicted from the house where she lived with del Solar, because it is owned by Coronado.

It was in an interview for windowing where the lawyer Ingrid Coronado broke the silence about the problems facing her client following the death of Fernando del Solar.

According to the testimony of Claudia Ramírez, legal representative of Ingrid Coronado, the house where Anna Ferro and Fernando del Solar lived in Cuernavaca belongs to Ingrid Coronadoso your client has every right to demand that you evict her.

And if that was not enough, the lawyer mentioned that in all this time, Fernando del Solar did not pay him rent and neither did Ingrid demand any. She let them live there.

“The apartment where Fernando lived, in Cuernavaca, is an apartment that is in the name of Ingrid, and Fernando lived there with his wife, Mrs. Anna Ferro. Ingrid didn’t fight to get him or Mrs. Ferro out of it, so she let them live there, they didn’t pay her rent and her property belonged to her. She (Anna Ferro) is going to have to hand over the property to Ingrid, she is not going to have another choice, ”said the lawyer.

In this sense, the lawyer stressed that they have always tried to tarnish the image of their client, although it is evident that the former presenter of come the joy He always tried to take everything on the path of peace.


He clarified that the person who sued Ingrid Coronado was del Solar in 2016 and that in addition in recent years he had not provided a pension for his children:

“On January 25, 2016, Mr. Fernando sued Mrs. Ingrid for a divorce, asking that Mrs. Ingrid pay him 20 or 30 percent of her income and that he not leave the country. This is how this story begins.” the lawyer stated.

“At the time of the trial, it is determined that Mr. Fernando pay his two children’s tuition and medical insurance, unfortunately, one day he says that no longer and only pays the tuition for one of his children, it is more As of today, the man has a debt in court of three hundred and something thousand pesos for not having paid that tuition and I want to clarify that Ingrid did not want to sue Fernando for the payment of that tuition, “added the lawyer.

As if that were not enough, the lawyer pointed out that Fernando del Solar did not cover his children’s pension despite having several properties from which he received rent and who also took money from a joint venture without consulting him:

“He had the economic possibility of facing his responsibilities because he had just received money, however, he did not put it on the table either. There was a company that Ingrid and Fernando started, which bore the name of their children, where there was money from both and he took it off the account, without asking Ingrid,” the legal specialist shared.

Finally, he denied that Anna Ferro has to pay Fernando del Solar’s debt. They only hope that Anna Ferro follows the will that is stipulated in the will of the former VLA presenter.

“She gives them a roof, she gives them food, she pays for classes, she is 100% responsible and they have always treated her as the one who sued, the one who was to blame, the one who asked him for money, and she left doing the snowball of information that was not true… If there is a will, Mrs. Ingrid Coronado will accept the last will of Mr. Fernando del Solar, hoping that Mrs. Anna Ferro will also do so, “he concluded.