Angela Aguilar surprised by her double

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Photo: AFP

Angela Aguilar is at a strategic point in his career, is very popular and recently he released a song with Yuridia; while fame follows her, it even has several doubles and one of them even sang with the famous in a dressing room.

The other girl, wore a red corset and black pantsclothing that characterizes the daughter of Pepe Aguilar, also accompanies him with a red hat and loaded makeup. In the place, everyone was delighted and even at the end of the video the singer of 19 years moved.

Other doubles by Ángela Aguilar

Though there are some girls that look like the famous but one of the most outstanding is a flight attendant who went viral on TikTokthe user identified as @eckotamarindo shared a clip in which a young woman who allegedly works for the Volaris airline appears.

It can be seen in the video that both women have the same lookswith short hair, so the video quickly became popular, generating dozens of comments from his followers.

Ángela Aguilar’s new look?

With 9 million followers on social networksthis time the beautiful and young regional Mexican singer surprised them with a impressive change of looks and it is that he left short hair behind for a moment when he put on some black extensions.

“A small change”, was the message he wrote to accompany a revealing photograph where He is seen with long and seductive hair.since for a long time he has been seen with short hair on stage and in presentations.

Angela Aguilar is daughter of the famous singer Pepe Aguilar. Although she has several sisters, she is the one with the most media exposure and has shown to have inherited the talent and the beauty of the family.

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