Andrea Escalona shares photos of her baby Emilio

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Andrea Escalona Photos Of Her Baby
Andrea Escalona’s first child was born in December. Photo: Getty Images

Andrea Escalona is one of the celebrities who became mothers in 2022 and now she proudly boasts what her new stage in life is like now that she accompanies her your baby Emilio.

The host had already melted her fans with the first photo of his son and now shared a Photo album in which she lets herself be seen as a new mom.

Emilio’s tender album, Andrea Escalona’s baby

Just as other figures of the Mexican show business have done, Andrea Escalona made several publications on the social networks of her pregnancy and pointed out that the arrival of your baby it was “the most beautiful wait there is”.

In the first days of 2023, the host of the “Hoy” program shared a baby photo album.

“I was going to give you the best of my 2022, but love does not apply, you are the best of my life. Happy New Year Emilio, dreams do come true, thank God, thank you mom for this gift from heaven. You make me fall in love, you hear”

Wrote Andrea Escalona

In the photos, Andrea shows special moments of living with her son, such as when she bathes him, feeds him or watches over him while he sleeps. She also posed very happily as they went for a walk.

The presenter aroused tenderness with her photos and several of her friends reacted by congratulating her:

  • “You are very beautiful as a mother”, Tania Rincón
  • “Congratulations to the prince”, Maribel Guardia
  • “What a beautiful gift! God bless you always mommy! I send you lots of love and blessings!”, Andrea Legarreta
  • “Auuu I die!”, Ana Bárbara
  • “Congratulations”, Lucia Mendez

In what was his first publication with her baby in armsAndrea expressed everything she felt about the arrival of Emilio, who changed her life.

“He is a healthy and good boy! His father and I are more than happy, grateful, excited”


The driver went out of her way in terms of words to talk about how happy the birth of her baby made her. “When I saw you for the first time, they put you on my chest, I have never felt anything like this,” she added.

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