Ana Gabriel and the reason why she will not accept gifts from her fans at upcoming concerts

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Ana Gabriel will tour several countries in the region during September and October (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images).

Circumstances undoubtedly make people change, and now, with social networks, it becomes easier for them to come out of their shyness and open up a little more to the world. A good example is that of the Mexican singer Ana Gabriel, who through her Instagram profile addressed her followers about unexpected news.

The Mexican artist, who is ready to start her Latin American tour at the end of this month, took advantage of the digital platform where she has more than a million followers to warn her faithful audience on the continent, because this time some things will be different. in your contact with them. If it is usually reserved, now it will be even more so.

Ana Gabriel -who will visit Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Colombia with the For the love of you World Tour- published a video in which she says that “with much gratitude I ask for your understanding for not being able to accept your gifts on this tour of LATAM, it’s not me, it’s the commitment made, LQM”.

“They have written to me, they have asked me, that they have gifts for me, that they want to give me a hug and everything. I want to tell them, for this occasion, not to buy anything. I will not receive anything,” said the singer in her video. And things don’t stop there. The artist pointed out that she will not be able to take photos with her fans due to protocol and contract issues in order to fully comply with all her international obligations during the months of September and October.

According to her, she is going to keep the gifts of love she receives from her fans.

The responses of the followers of the singer from Sinaloa were immediate. Many expressed disappointment about the decision, although they said they understood why. “It hurts a lot, but I understand 😢❤️ we love you!” “Ntp. We understand you… only. Sing for. Us. I love you aana… blessings” and “Your health comes first my princess, I love you ❤️” are some of the interactions that the publication has received.

This news has undoubtedly come as a surprise to many, especially after artists like the Spanish Rosalía have recently turned the gifts received from their fans into a topic of conversation that has reached the headlines of the press.

On the other hand, Mexican fans did not miss the opportunity to repeat a question: When Mexico? And it is that there are many who are anxious, especially after the long pandemic, to listen to the interpreter of hits like ‘Who like you’ or ‘Simply friends’ in her own land. The dates and conditions of the presentations in Mexico have not yet been announced.


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