An international relations expert predicts when the war in Ukraine will end

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This Monday marks 8 months since the start of the war that they maintain Russia and Ukraine, a conflict in which they accumulate many unknowns, as the real possibility that it will be used Nuclear weapons, if this is the prelude to the Third World war or when could the war outcome.

For this last question, an authoritative voice, such as that of the professor of the degree in International Relations at the European University of Valencia, Frédéric Mertens, considers that the conflict may continue even a few months and even a year.

This is how the expert highlights it in an interview with the newspaper ‘As’ in which Mertens maintains that the moment of the end of hostilities should not go beyond this period, taking into account the Kremlin situation in regards to your Army: “The way Russia is at the level of the Armed Forces, the war will end in months, at most a year.”

A period that will be longer in terms of the “normalization of the situation & rdquor ;. “Managing peace (for which intermediary forces will be needed) will take a long time & rdquor ;, highlights the professor. In his opinion, the diplomatic route is “the only possible” to end the conflict, but in his opinion “it is still too early for that & rdquor; for a reason: “Ukrainians and Russians are still measuring their forces respectively & rdquor ;.

nuclear risk

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Mertens categorically rules out that the war conflict could escalate into World War III, but he does consider it possible “a hybrid war & rdquor ;, in which the impact of “a economic and industrial warfare”.

The professor leaves open the possibility of nuclear weapons being used in this conflict, although he emphasizes that “it would not be a nuclear bomb like the one in Hiroshima & rdquor ;, otherwise “tactical nuclear bombs that they would have military objectives and that, despite killing many people, they would have a limited atomic effect & rdquor ;.


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