An ARMY student is teased for wearing a BTS backpack

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A TikTok went viral of some students making fun of a classmate for wearing a BTS backpack. The video has already passed a million views and of course those who recorded it obviously had every bad intention of ridiculing the girl for wearing a backpack from her favorite band.

In networks, many commented that they also like bts but who would never use something of theirs because they know they would be teased, there are also those who β€œthey understood” to the creator of the video and joined the taunts against the girl. Soon, many defended the girl, calling her brave for showing herself as she is with great pride, wearing something that makes her happy.


#foryou#school#bts#freerkelly#fyp also idc care who u are a fan of 😭 y’all be safe tho🀞

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It is no secret that the community kpop it has been socially ridiculed by other social niches. It’s normal for people to wear merchandise from their favorite soccer teams, rock bands, video games, or even anime. However, when someone wears a backpack from their favorite KPOP group, they take it as something to ridicule.

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Many pointed out that in the past, fans of the rock or the anime They were also ridiculed when they tried to show their likes in public, but once someone famous or popular uses it, everyone acts like it’s cool and it is no longer the center of ridicule.

Currently the fandom ARMY He is the one who receives the most hostility on social networks, and this translates to being teased in real life. Even BTS members have talked about this in the past, placing only symbols that only ARMYs understand on their official merchandise to avoid such situations.