Amazon’s most popular men’s wallet is on sale for $24

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Complete your look with a practical wallet that won’t take up as much space. (Photo: Getty)

Is it time to buy a new wallet? Many of us tend to hold on to our tried-and-true (shabby and dirty) wallets far longer than we should. While we love to complain about lugging around a bulky wallet. If you belong to any of these categories or know someone who is in that situation, we have good news: the Men’s Travando Slim Wallet Amazon’s best seller is now on sale for just $24 if you enter the coupon on the page.

This wallet is compact yet roomy, with 11 slots to store your credit, debit and business cards. It also comes with a money clip and RIFD anti-theft protection. Clip the coupon on the page to get the full offer.

There are many reasons to take this wallet. For starters, it has 68 five-star reviews. How many wallets can boast of this? In addition to excellent reviews, it offers many features that make it worth the investment.

Elegant, stylish and safe (photo: Amazon).

Elegant, stylish and safe (Photo: Amazon).

$24 $34 at amazon


Features an RFID protected lining to prevent criminals from scanning your credit cards. A fold over closure allows the wearer to take them in and out easily.

“I bought it to reduce the size of my old bifold wallet before taking a trip and to have RFID protection,” wrote one pleasantly surprised buyer. “I found that I could fit all my important cards in this wallet, it proved to be quite handy on my travels and definitely takes up less room than my split wallet.”

Spend $24 on this wallet and you'll be organized like never before (Photo: Amazon)

Spend $24 on this wallet and you’ll be organized like never before (Photo: Amazon)

fine and spacious

The wallet has 11 slots, so it has enough space to store credit and debit cards, business cards, ID cards and other documents. It even features an exterior notch for easy card removal. It’s slim and compact (11.4 x 7.8 x 1.5 cm), so it can be stored in a back or side pocket; a definite advantage, according to users.

“I love this wallet,” wrote one happy user. “She She’s probably my favorite I’ve ever had. I always keep my wallet in my side pocket as I once lost one from my back pocket when I was young. So having a slim wallet that fits nicely in my side pocket and holds everything I need is a plus.”

money clip

Do you have someone in your family who likes to carry a lot of cash? as it says a fan: “what I like the most is the internal money clip. Everything fits well, which guarantees me that nothing will fall or slide.”

Great gray color – but you can also choose from dozens of other colors (photo: Amazon).

a practical gift

One of the biggest reasons Amazon users love this wallet is that it’s practical – a strong point that everyone points to.

“When I was in the military I used a Pelican wallet, but now I need something more practical and useful for everyday use,” wrote one satisfied buyer. “I wanted something simple and functional. I played with the wallet a bit after putting all my cards in it and now I can access the things I need without having to pull a stack of cards out of my wallet.”

Other fan refers to Travando as “the best wallet I have ever bought”. He wrote: “it is the most practical wallet I have ever bought. The build quality is much better than he expected for this price… I would give it an extra star if I could”.

This wallet is compact yet roomy, with 11 slots to store your credit, debit and business cards. All that, a money clip and RIFD anti-theft protection. Clip the coupon on the page to get the full offer.

$24 $34 at amazon

Of course, you will benefit from free shipping with Amazon-Prime. Still are you not a member? No problem. you can register here to try it free for 30 days(by the way, those who do not have Prime will continue to receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more).

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