Amazon gives you this Good End a smart home with Alexa

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The Echo Dot speaker and Echo Show 5 smart display are heavily discounted for El Buen Fin on Amazon. Take the opportunity to make your home smart. Photo: and own elaboration.

If you have not yet opened the door of your house to the virtual assistant alexado not continue, you will have no choice but to do it since you cannot reject these offers that Amazon has announced for the Good End.

The manufacturer is always quite generous on these dates, so he has applied amazing discounts on your smart speakers so you have no choice but to get one. Because yes, Alexa is quite useful, and the moment you introduce home automation at home there is no going back.

If you still have doubts about it, it is likely that this information will finish convincing you: these discounts place all these products in their lowest historical pricethat is, they had never been so cheap.

Amazon Echo Dot.  Photo: Amazon

Amazon Echo Dot. Photo: Amazon

This is the most economical and simple option of the proposals. Is about a disc-shaped horn that sounds really good for the way it looks (it could be underpowered), and that it always keeps Alexa on alert to solve all your problems immediately.

Its discount of $500 pesos will allow you to buy it for no less than $499 pesos, so it is a perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to smart homes.

echo dot

echo dot

The evolution of the Amazon speaker reached the fifth generation, and although aesthetically it is identical to the fourth (hence the latter has been discontinued), several changes were introduced that directly affected the sound quality. And for the better. Thanks to the new internal distribution of the speakersthis Echo Dot will immediately surprise you with its powerful bass and excellent treble.

It’s not a change I’m going to justify trading from a third-generation Echo Dot for this model, but if you decide to buy one, you’ll appreciate it. The offer reduces $500 pesos in its official price, so it is a good opportunity to get hold of this attractive little ball.

amazon echo display

amazon echo display

The echo with screen It appeared to give Alexa an image, but far from showing the face of the assistant, in reality what it is used for is to give more context to all the information that Alexa returns to you. If you ask for the weather, it will show you animated icons and an overview of the weather for the whole week, if you ask for photos it will show you your personal album if you configure it, and even you can watch netflix on it.

It is a very comfortable Echo speaker, although if you give more importance to sound, it is best to opt for the fifth generation Echo Dot. The interesting thing is that it has a spectacular discount, so it will be difficult not to decide on it.

What can I do with an Alexa speaker?

The possibilities are almost endless since with Alexa you can do many things. To give you an idea, these are some of the functions you can do:

  • ask him for the time

  • It will rain tomorrow?

  • Put Milk in the shopping cart

  • Remind me that on Monday I have a dentist at 7PM

  • Who was Frida Kahlo?

  • show me my photos

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