Along with the iPhone 14, Apple will present what everyone wanted

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That the new iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8 will be presented in the Keynote next Wednesday is not a secret at all, in fact, we could even say that it is a reality. However, there is a lot of anticipation to see if Apple will launch any more products, and the renowned Mark Gurman has spoken about it, giving Apple users a real joy.

The AirPods Pro 2, upon arrival

As we said, there is no doubt that next Wednesday all the details about the new iPhone 14 and the new Apple Watch Series 8 will be known, something that naturally has all users and followers of the brand expectant. apple. However, something that was also being elucidated, and will continue to be done until the day of the event, is if the Cupertino company will launch or present any other product in this Keynote.

On the table there were several possibilities, since there would surely be a somewhat decaffeinated event if “only” iPhone and Apple Watch were presented. Mainly there are two products that all the experts considered that Apple could present, the AirPods Pro 2 and the new tenth generation iPad. Well, one of the most reputable analysts about the Cupertino company, the great Mark Gurman, has spoken about it to affirm that Apple’s plans are to present the second generation of AirPods Pro next Wednesday.

AirPods Pro 2 news

Mark Gurman has not only ventured to confirm this launch this week, but has also come out to tell what will be the news that, almost certainly, Apple has prepared for this second version of the AirPods Pro. The first of them, how could it be otherwise, will be a new chipin this case the H2which will allow the sound emitted by these headphones to be of higher quality.

A point where the AirPods Pro had to catch up with one of their brothers, specifically the AirPods 3, is in Battery, and everything indicates that with this second version it will be like this. But beware, that would not be the only change regarding the battery, since the case of these headphones will also be improved. Will have Search app supportso it will also have speakers so that from any Apple computer the sound can be activated and thus find them more easily.

AirPods ProEar detection will also be further advancedas well as different capacities that these AirPods Pro will foreseeably have, related to the fitness tracking or physical activities. In addition, one of the latest news that has been known regarding these AirPods Pro 2, is that it will have LE Bluetooth Audiomaking the user experience of using these headphones even more positive than it already is.

Of course, although Gurman has stated that this second version of the AirPods Pro will be presented this Wednesday, he does not know what their launch date could be, so we will have to be expectant to see if Apple reveals it next Wednesday or , if on the contrary, it presents them and leaves the door open to a surprise launch.