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  • The ENARM 2022 will be applied from September 27 to 29 in four national venues.
  • The objective of the test is to select general practitioners who are entitled to study a specialty.
  • The results with the selected folios will be published in November on the CIFRHS website, although there is still no definite date.

Time never stops and a date that seemed far away is now about to happen. Its about National Examination of Applicants for Medical Residencies (ENARM) 2022 And it’s a month away. That is why here we give you an overview with what you need to know and the final details of the test. In this way you will have all the necessary information for that big day.

From September 27 to 29 will be the application of the exam. Although since the publication of the call it was indicated that the date would be subject to change at the last minute due to the Covid-19 health emergency. Although due to the recent evolution it seems unlikely that a modification will occur.

Objective of the ENARM

The exam is carried out through audited and notarially certified processes in all its phases. It also has a comprehensive security system that guarantees the quality, security and confidentiality of the process.

Its general objective is to select Mexican and foreign general practitioners who aspire to complete a medical residency through a specialized university course.

It also works to carry out the selection of female and general practitioners aspiring to pursue a medical residency through a fair, transparent, legal and professional process. It does so through the application of an objective and valid instrument for measuring contextualized knowledge in clinical cases corresponding to the competencies of a general practitioner.

Everything you need to know about ENARM 2022. Image: Bigstock

Application places

This year there are four venues throughout the national territory but the biggest novelty is that Mexico City does not appear. Now a better distribution in the country was sought and the selection was as follows.

  • Hermosillo, Sonora.
  • Leon, Guanajuato.
  • Puebla, Puebla.
  • Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas.

The places of application have already been assigned to all the young people who registered at ENARM 2022. Therefore, you are in time to plan your trip in case you have been to a place outside your city.

For these types of cases, it is necessary to buy your plane or truck ticket in advance, as the case may be. Also consider the place where you are going to stay because the ideal is that the night before you can sleep in a quiet and relaxed place. You must plan everything in advance to avoid setbacks.

Exam Structure

The ENARM explores contextualized cognitive skills in clinical cases focused on Public Health, Emergencies and Family Medicine; of the four core specialties: Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Gynecology and Obstetrics and General Surgery.

The exam includes questions structured in reagents with a clinical case format, containing two to three questions for each clinical case; a single correct answer option in the best answer modality and three distractors.

Like last year, the specialty selection will be made after taking the exam and not before, as was customary. While there are now 27 options available to choose from.

  • Pathological anatomy.
  • Anesthesiology.
  • Audiology, Otoneurology and Phoniatrics.
  • Quality of Clinical Care.
  • General Surgery.
  • Epidemiology.
  • Medical Genetics.
  • Geriatrics.
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics.
  • Imaging, Diagnostic and Therapeutic.
  • Sports and Physical Activity Medicine.
  • Rehabilitation Medicine.
  • Emergency Medicine.
  • Occupational and Environmental Medicine.
  • Family Medicine.
  • Internal Medicine.
  • Legal Medicine.
  • Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging.
  • Preventive medicine.
  • Pneumology.
  • Ophthalmology.
  • Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery.
  • Clinical Pathology.
  • Pediatrics.
  • Psychiatry.
  • Radiation Oncology.
  • Traumatology and orthopedics.

When will the results of the ENARM 2022 be published?

At the end of the application of the exam, each applicant will be informed of their score, which will be printed in duplicate, must be signed by hand and must keep an original. There is no reprint of the score report for any reason.

While the call indicates that during the month of November in the website of the Interinstitutional Commission for the Training of Human Resources for Health (CIFRHS) The selected pages will be published. Something important is that there is still no mention of a specific day to know the selected folios.

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