All the rumors about the next Super Mario Bros. game.

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Rumors about the next game of Super Mario Bros. They have had a great impact among the fans, and it is not for less.

The franchise of the charismatic Italian plumber is one of the most prominent in video games, with millions of units sold worldwide among dozens of different games. Despite this, we haven’t had a main installment of the series since 2017.

There are many reasons that could explain this, such as Nintendo wanting to expand their other IPs by focusing on games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Kirby and Forgotten Earth, Fire Emblem Engage and even Pokemon. But chances are the company went to work on a new Mario game as soon as they were done with Super Mario Odyssey (or even earlier).

In this article we will review some of the rumors that have emerged regarding this next game, which will undoubtedly arrive in the coming years.

A new Mario in 2D

The first of the Super Mario Bros. rumors reached us from Zippoone of the leakers who have been successful in the past, including the rumors of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Y sonic origins.

In his words, the next Super Mario Bros. game would be a 2D adventure in the best style of classic games. Players could also choose between four playable characters in addition to Mario, including Luigi, Peach, and Toad. According to Zippo, the game would have been in development for about three years and would be released sometime in 2023 or 2024.

This game would also have an online multiplayer. It would also feature the debut of Spike, Foreman of the Wrecking Crewwho will appear in The new movie from Super Mario Bros.

But despite being in 2D, this installment would not be part of the “New” series. In addition, it would have a new “surprising” artistic style, which leads us to the next rumor.

The new design of the Super Mario Bros.

The latest rumor of Super Mario Bros. it has more to do with design than overall gameplay, and again it came from Zippo.

the leaker this time pointed that subsequent Mario products, including games, would have the design of the film. This would be a logical strategy to promote the new Nintendo Cinematic Universe that will undoubtedly bring more Mario movies.

He said that this new design strategy will become much clearer during the next Nintendo Direct, which is also coming very soon. As an example he shared the figure of Mario below:

The rumor of the expected Super Mario Odyssey 2

In December 2021 we had another of the most shocking rumors about the next Super Mario Bros. game.

This one came from 4Chan, a forum known for both successful leaks and trolls of all stripes. Still, it’s worth mentioning given that many gamers are hoping for a sequel to Super Mario Odyssey.

As indicated, the next 3D Mario game would have local multiplayer and also online, to play cooperatively with friends. Players could control Mairo with Cappy or Luigi with Bowler, Cappy’s best friend. There would also be a section to improve vehicles, with new characters introduced and others that will return like Yoshi.

The most impressive thing is that the game would have no less than 20 worlds and hundreds of secondary missions to complete, as well as dozens of new and classic enemies.

This 4chan rumor in particular, he stood out for having corrected his information regarding sonic frontierswhich premiered this year in nintendoswitch.

super mario bros rumors

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