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You must be very attentive because the Cyber ​​Police issued an alert about a type of fraud in which people who They pose as executives of a banking institution and through telephone calls they defraud users.

During the call, the alleged executive informs you that as an account holder you have had unusual movements and apparent logins in your bank’s mobile applicationswith the intention of charging your cards to leave them without funds.

How do they carry out telephone fraud?

To carry out the fraud, they ask the victim for personal data and send a code via SMS to later be provided and with it make a transfer to accounts of potential criminals.

The bank detects the movement as a “transparent” operationsince it was carried out with real user data and Alleged executives notify clients that they will perform a “digital vault” of the amount accumulated in the account, supposedly to protect it.

Subsequently, they provide a number of key accountwhich does not match the characteristics of the accounts assigned to that banking institution for the purpose of capture the transferred balance and commit fraud.

How to avoid phone fraud from alleged bank executives?

Faced with this situation, the unity of the Cyber ​​Police issued the following recommendations:

  • Corroborate means of contact with official companies
  • Do not provide passwords or sensitive data
  • Be wary of emails and messages from unknown or suspicious senders
  • Do not open links that are embedded in messages
  • Block suspicious numbers
  • Report the numbers of this type of calls to the Citizen Council for Security and Justice of Mexico City
  • Have an updated antivirus to detect any anomaly
  • Change mobile banking app passwords and activate two-step verification

In the event of any doubt, query or guidance, the unit of Cyber ​​Police 24 hour service through the number 55 5242 5100 extension 5086 or in the email [email protected].

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