alert by text messages with alleged withdrawals from bank accounts

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New cases of fraud via text messages (SMS), sent, presumably, by financial institutions that report withdrawal of money from bank accounts or purchases; prompt the user to answer the SMS to stop the process.

Through social networks, screenshots of the assumptions are being shared “withdrawals in process” either “successful purchases” of different amounts, a type of fraud known as “smishing”.

According to users, the messages come in the name of different banksthose that refer alleged purchases and request a response from the user of the telephone line if you do not recognize the charge.

Recurring fraud in 2022

This is not the first time this has been reported. type of fraudsince some banks, at the beginning of the year, warned to your users about scams by text messages and phone callsso they asked to be attentive.

Something similar was repeated in June, along with WhatsApp. Back then, the banks sent the following warning: “WATCH OUT! Do not provide personal information or bank details. This is a new way of operating for cybercriminals, called Smishing”.

In this regard, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) has pointed out that companies and banks will never request financial data or credit card numbers by text message, when it is not the account holder who initiates the operation.

What is the smishing?

The smishing It is a type of fraud that imitates an SMS from the bank that asks you for sensitive information to solve some type of problem. Usually, these messages do not show the last 3 digits of your account.

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