Alejandro Basteri, brother of Luis Miguel, defends Luisito Rey; “It wasn’t that bad,” he says.

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Alejandro Basteri, brother of Luis Miguel, defends Luisito Rey;
Alejandro Basteri, brother of Luis Miguel, defended Luisito Rey. Photo: Getty

Alejandro Basteri, brother of Luis Migueltried to clean the image of his father Luisito Reywho, after series that captured part of the life of the “Sun”, remained as one of the villains of the history of the performer of “La Bikina”.

The entrepreneur who launched a clothing line in honor of her mother, Marcela BasteriHe stated that his father it wasn’t “so bad” and that he just had one hard life.

“My dad was a prodigy son. My dad, as much as they put him as mega bad, he wasn’t that bad, he had a very difficult life “.

Alexander Basteri

During an interview for a argentinian programtaken up by the sun rises, the brother of Luis Miguel, famous that, it is said, could be about to reach the altar, reiterated that the life from his dad it was complicated, Well, despite being the youngest, he brought his family forward.

“My dad was a prodigy son of the Gallego family, for I don’t know how long, he was the youngest son who led the whole family forward.”

Alexander Basteri

The businessman considered that in the Serie, in which the relationship between Aracely Arámbula and Luis Miguel could not be touchedsome situations of the life of the “sun”as was the relationship that the singer of “Cold as the Wind” with King Luisito.

“Like all kinds of eventualities that have to do with a series, they make you big and put you in situations too much… (the character) is very exaggerated.”

Alexander Basteri

Although he did acknowledge that, thanks to embodied in the Projectcould remember some episodes of his life that, in his opinion, there locked for self-protection, such as strange disappearance of his mother, one of the greatest mysteries in the life of Luis Miguel.

“I think they opened too many channels where I probably, for my own protection, didn’t remember. I had a total blockage… I was 14 years old (when Marcela Basteri disappeared) and more or less I remember”.

Alexander Basteri

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