Alejandra Guajardo in Miss Universe: Mexican represents El Salvador

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Alejandra Guajardo in Miss Universe: Mexican represents El Salvador
Alejandra Guajardo participates in Miss Universe. Forum: AFP/IG Alejandra Guajardo

The Mexican Alejandra Guajardo participate in Miss Universe 2023but does not represent Mexico but rather The Savior, because he has dual nationality; Thus, the young woman will lead the Central American country in the famous beauty contest that will be held next Saturday.

Who is Alejandra Guajardo?

Alejandra is 26 years old, has a degree in International Business and, from the age of 5, she started in the sales business, selling hand-carved stones to her neighbors, according to data from Miss Universe.

Guajardo was born in Cancun, Quintana Roo; On several occasions she participated in beauty contests to win a crown, but she did not succeed, so she opted to represent her second nationality, The Savior.

  • His mother is Mexican and his father from El Salvador.

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In her Instagram biography, the woman claims to dedicate herself to modeling, acting and philanthropy, a form of altruism, but privately. She also says that “beauty is a short-lived tyranny”, referring to the care that she must take in her various activities that she performs.

On her Instagram social network, Alejandra Guajardo shares some moments of her life, such as behind-the-scenes photos at Miss Universe, a contest that will be held on Saturday in New York.

According to the contest file, Alejandra has overcome several obstacles in her life, among them: “at the age of 18, her home overcame adversity when her father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. As the eldest in the family, Guarjardo knew that she had to be mentally and emotionally unbreakable.”

  • Alejandra Guajardo represents El Salvador in Miss Universe 2023, but let’s not forget that she also has Mexican nationality.

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