Alan Ibarra is the fifth eliminated from reality among sauces, Mexican snacks and tamales

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This chapter of Master Chef Celebrity soaked up all the color and traditional flavors of Mexico: within the framework of national holidaysthe contestants had to demonstrate their skills by preparing the best Mexican dishes team up. However, the singer and ex-member of Magneto, Allan Ibarrais the fifth contestant removed in the reality show of Tv Azteca.

The episode did not fail to appeal to the culinary skills that every Mexican or foreigner who has been living in Mexico must have in its entrails: the first challenge, which was from which the organization of the next challenge was decided, consisted of preparing the best molcajeted sauce, with nothing more than a molcajete, very Mexican ingredients and culinary creativity. Although it seemed like a slightly simple challenge, the contestants ran into some setbacks, such as those who went over salt or who did not mash their ingredients well.

The first to present sauces that the judges liked were Alexandra Toussaint, Ricardo, Macky and Carlos Eduardowho in turn had the privilege of choosing their teammates for the next challenge.

Garnachas and Mexican snacks: the pillar of the second challenge

The actors, hosts and public figures had to work in thirds with the teams chosen by the previous challenge winners. Once the teams were decided, a piece of cotton candy was randomly distributed that had a piece of paper hidden inside that indicated which Mexican dish each team would have to prepare. Likewise, they had 1 hour to delight the surprise jury with their very Mexican Garnachas.

The teams were like this, and these were the garnachas that they had to cook:

  • Quesadillas: Ricardo, Francisco (Gattorno) and Pedro

  • flutes: Alejandra, Karla, Margarita and Mauricio

  • Tlacoyos: Carlos Eduardo, Alejandra and Arturo

  • Sopes: Macky, Tali and Marcello

As the participants prepared their Mexican dishes very classic, with the help of the little bird ‘Copetito’ they chose an extra piece of paper that would indicate the flavor of a drink with which they should complement their dishes: they had to prepare atoleanother classic drink from Mexican granny kitchens, to add a degree of difficulty to the challenge of teams.

Ricardo’s team had to prepare strawberry atole; Alejandra’s pinion; to Carlos Eduardo’s guava and Macky’s had to prepare chocolate atole.

During this first challenge, the teams demonstrated their abilities and shortcomings to prepare Mexican dishes. One of the main difficulties Alejandra’s team faced was that Margarita, being Colombian, decided to add butter to the tortilla dough, so her flautas did not have the body or consistency that was expected. In addition, Mauricio had to cut the flutes to make them work.

For their part, the rest of the teams did not present major setbacks: Alejandra added daring flavors to the tlacoyos, to achieve a tricolor preparation; Macky’s team prepared a series of quite generous and colorful sopes; and Ricardo’s team prepared quesadillas.

In the end the surprise judges, who turned out to be a chorus of Dancers of the Academy of San Carlos, tasted the Mexican snacks that each team worked hard to prepare, and determined that the Sopes team: Macky, Tali and Marcello would be the ones that would be safe on the balcony during this episode; while they indicated that their Garnacha least favorite It was the quesadillas.

Salvation Challenge: Tamales in record time

For this challenge, the teams of actors, musicians, and comedians found themselves in a bind when they had to learn how to prepare one of the most emblematic but complex dishes of Mexican cuisine: tamales. To achieve the challenge, the participants attended a Masterclass with the nixtamal master, Chef Rubén Amador, founder of Tamales Madre.

Unfortunately, none of the teams managed to give a satisfactory result: between raw and tasteless tamales, they disappointed the chefs with tamales that did not achieve the expected consistency. This is because, although they ultimately had very little time to prepare their tamales, they did not hurry their pace to get adequate results.

These were the flavors, ingredients and failures of each tamale team:

  • Ricardo and Gator Team: cochinita pibil tamale (the dough lacked cooking and flavor of the cochinita)
  • Team Mauricio and Alejandra: deer tamales in marinade (Inadequate consistency, dry mass)
  • Team of Alejandra Toussaint and Pedro: mole tamales (that ended up raw)
  • Team of Carlos Eduardo and Maragarita: chicken tamales (which ended up raw)
  • Gavito and Karla: marlin tamales (raw and bland, no flavor)

Alan Ibarra: the eliminated of the night

Alan Ibarra Eliminated Masterchef Celebrity

Faced with the disaster of the previous challenge, the judges decided to repeat the work of preparing tamales, based on the mistakes and the learning assumed by the previous challenge, now they will have to repeat the process, but now individually and with the freedom to choose the taste: sweet or salty; with fruits, chicken and even with folksy stuffing.

Margarita’s tamale, Alejandra Toussaint’s and Ale’s tamale deserved to go up to the balcony, due to their adequate flavor and technique. While the rest showed improvement against the chaotic result of the previous challenge.

At the end of the day, the loser of the challenge and the episode was Alan Ibarra, who by the way had not been present in the previous challenges, so he could not learn how to properly prepare his tamales, which, although they had the right consistency, were quite bland. , according to the judges. A sadness, since many of his teammates regretted his departure, since he had proven to be an exceptional contender.

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