After Movistar and Vodafone, who will be the next to raise prices?

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Inflation, the price of light, among other factors, have meant that, so far this year, things have risen in price. And, from the looks of it, it doesn’t look like this rise is going to slow down. Not only have the costs that operators will have for next year, such as Movistar, Vodafone… risen, but other services have also done so, as we have been confirming over the last few weeks.

And, although not all operators have commented on the matter, some hint at the idea of finally apply a price increase to your rates. For this reason, it is important to take into account what could be the next telephone companies to raise prices. The real surprise may come from a price increase by an alternative operator, who knows.

The next operators to raise prices

In recent years, we have seen how the different telephone companies were raising the prices of its services in Spain, especially in those products that they offer that have achieved more popularity among users. And, worst of all, is that the increase they raise is not always accompanied by an improvement in their products.

In any case, after the price rise in Movistar and Vodafone, we can only wait for the strategy that the rest of the operators will follow. And we are not only talking about the other big competitors, like Orange or also the MásMovil Groupbut from the alternative or Low Cost telephone companies that have been gaining so much popularity in recent times due to their low prices.

On the part of the French operator, after the presentation of the latest quarterly results of the company, it already revealed the possibility of raising costs by 2023. However, it has not yet been defined if they will finally follow the same strategy that it has carried out Vodafone or Movistar.

And in the case of MásMóvilAfter a while without clarifying anything about it, they have already commented that They will analyze if the prices should be raised. But, if they finally do, Meinrad Spenger, CEO of the operator, has confirmed that the decision will always be made “at the right time.” However, an important point that he wanted to emphasize is that, if in the end the costs rise, they will below inflation.

In addition, it must be taken into account that at least one of the alternative operators, such as Avatel, already confirmed to its customers at the beginning of October, through an email that, from 2023, the prices would be in accordance with the CPI (Consumer Price Index), the same strategy as Vodafone. So it remains to wait what will happen with operators like Digi, Yoigo, Lowi, Pepephone, Simyo…Will prices also go up?

The measures of Movistar and Vodafone

After the above, and so that we have a little more context of the situation of the operators in Spain, the truth is that it is important to know how the increase in rates is accompanied by the formula “more for more”. That is, you will pay more, but you will have a better, higher or lower, for what you have contracted.

In the case of Movistar, the prices of its convergent packages rise between a 6% and 7% on average, depending at all times on the personalized offer of each client. In any case, it must be taken into account that the rise is below the CPI. And, in general terms, the average rise of the operator will be 6.8% by 2023.

movistar rise

It is not the same that will happen in Vodafone, since it was the first operator to confirm that it will adjust prices depending on the CPI for next year. Therefore, if we take into account that Spain will end the year with inflation of between 6 and 8% (the latest CPI data in Spain is 7.3%), it is more than foreseeable that the company’s offers will rise between 5 and 10 euro depending on the type of product that is contracted.

Therefore, if we take all these details into account, we may have to see how inflation affects all companies equally and, therefore, low cost companies may also choose to increase the prices of their services, no matter how hard they try to maintain the competitive pressure between them.

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