After insulting Belinda in front of Christian Nodal, a man apologizes

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Belinda's pressure is lowered at the Machaca Fest, Monterrey
Belinda had already reacted to the insult that went viral. Photo: Getty Images

After the criticism he received for insulting Belinda in front of Christian Nodal, the man who assaulted her apologized with the singer admitting that her behavior was not right and ensuring that she is incapable of offending a woman.

The singer who insulted Belinda in a bar in Guadalajara, attended by Christian Nodalwas harshly pointed out on social networks for taking sides with the thunder of the famous That happened last February.

Man who insulted Belinda apologizes

The singer in question is known as El Charro de Toluquilla and through a video apologized for the insult Belinda pointing out that he was already famous and does not want to increase his popularity because of the offense he made to the singer.

“Chg* you m*, Belinda”, were the words she spoke in the bar she attended Christian Nodal while both interpreted “La defeat”, the theme of Vicente Fernandez. Her action was disapproved on the internet and also the position of the actress’s ex because she reacted by laughing at the rudeness and shaking the “charro’s” hand.

“I apologize to all women because she is a woman and I come from a woman. I am incapable of offending anyone, least of all a woman (…) I apologize to Belinda, all her fans, her followers and all women because if she was wrong, but well, there is no grudge ”

Pointed El Charro de Toluquilla

Vicente Fernández’s imitator indicated that he is not dedicated to offending.

“I do not dedicate myself to that… some understood that what I said in full drinks at the time the trumpets played for you was spontaneous… I do not want to become famous for that. In the bohemia and in the peda it doesn’t count because in reality that’s how we are in the bohemia. I do not have a courage to Belinda, nor do I have to get involved, that was in the peda ”

The Charro of Toluquilla

The singer commented that if he had courage with the singer he would say so, but that is not reality and he asked users not to get hooked.

“I feel very sorry for having disrespected Belinda in the way I did, I got carried away. I beg your pardon, Belinda, I don’t have the pleasure of meeting you, even the women who felt offended by this. I know that it is something that should not be done and I am sorry, I was wrong “

The Charro of Toluquilla

The singer’s apology comes days after Belinda will react to the insult when making a comment on the channel of a youtuber who gave her opinion about the verbal aggression.

“Thank you very much for your words, I value them very much, how sad that some people support this type of misogynistic behavior”

Belinda defended herself