After being exhibited by AMLO for the lack of doctors, medicines and equipment in Guerrero, Alcocer says that specialists are scarce throughout the country

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After yesterday the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador reproached the Secretary of Health for the lack of doctors, medicines and equipment in Warrior —entity to which transfer office under his charge—, this Wednesday, Jorge Alcocer said that in Mexico there is a lack of doctors, nurses, but above all specialists.

“In Mexico there is a lack of general practitioners, nurses and above all specialistswe are missing 13 thousand specialists, we are working on strategies and I give an example with the children, the pediatricians there are not enough,” he said. alcocer at an event of the IMSS-Bienestar health plan in Coatzacoalcos.

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Today in veracruzthe federal president also recognized that the biggest problem of the Health sector is the lack of doctorsalthough he assured that in the other areas “they are doing well.”

“We are improving the health sector and there is no problem because we have a budget, since we do not allow the corruption well we have budgetwe have to build health centers, hospitals and equip them, we have to supply medicines We have resolved that, so that there is no shortage of medicines, where we have the difficulty it is in the doctors”.

“That is the challenge that we do not lack the doctorsnurses and specialists but we are going to make it, I get tired, I don’t know how but we are going to achieveWe are looking for doctors from other countries and the salaries of those here are going to be increased,” he reiterated. Lopez Obrador.

Yesterday, López Obrador also made a request to the secretary Jorge Alcocer “we cannot have here in Warrior the Ministry of Health with health services of thirdof quarterwe want to have services of Health first class as the best in the world”.

“Here is the Secretary of Healthbut what good is it that the Ministry of Health has moved to acapulco if there are no doctors or specialists, there is no medicine, nor are the teams useful?”, he pointed out from the port of Guerrero.

The president explained that no one is going to be fired and the health system will be strengthened in Mexico.

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“And we are going to guarantee the right to health, what the doctor mentioned here, medical attention, medicines free. And none of the frame essentialI don’t want to hear that anymore either; all the medicines, all the studies, all the interventions, that are needed, ”he concluded.

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