Afa Anoa’i considers himself the other ‘Head of the Table’

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Since his surprising comeback in WWE SummerSlam 2020, Roman Reigns has been an unstoppable beast, conquering the company’s two top titles and creating one of the most dominant factions in the history of WWE, The Bloodline.

The group has one of the best managers of all time, paul eymanone of the most successful teams in the recent history of the company, The Usesa rising talent named Sikoa only and one of the most beloved fighters of the moment, sami zayn. All of them led by “The Tribal Chief”, the “Head of the Table”.

However, the Anoa’i family is much older. Some fans will remember Afa Jr.better known as Manu in his brief stint in WWE (2006-2009), where he became part of The Legacy, the group led by Randy Orton. The fighter is still active on the independent scene. He recently was interviewed by Tantalizing Tonywhere he talked about his family’s legacy.

“I don’t necessarily see it as having to live up to the legacy of the family name. I see it as I have to create my own path in this legacyAfa Jr. noted. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Roman has reached the top of the business in WWE, I have reached the top of the business without them. I have stayed relevant for the last 25 years without them.

I am about to be, and I say this prophetically, I am about to be an award-winning Broadway choreographer. That wouldn’t happen if he was in WWE. I couldn’t do all these side projects, I couldn’t run Battlefield, I couldn’t wrestle in ECW Arena if I was in WWE.

I’m not saying I never want to go back, I’m just showing the world that we run WWE, but we also run wrestling outside of WWE. If you want to see Roman as the Head of the Table there, then you want to see me as the other Head of the Table (outside of WWE). That’s the way I see it.”

(transcript courtesy of Fighting)

Afa Jr. has been competing non-stop since 1998. This year she has participated in promotions such as Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling Y East Cost Pro Wrestling. He recently fought in BCW Tribute To The Extremeteaming up with Beastman to defeat The FBI (Little Guido & Luigi Primo).

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