AEW removes Kenny Omega and CM Punk from Dynamite opening video

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Tony Khan, President of All Elite Wrestling, has had to make a series of difficult decisions in the last few hours/days. The AEW All Out press conference He gave a lot to talk about CM Punk’s statements and what happened behind the scenes, where a real fight took place between the former world champion, Ace Steel, members of The Elite and some production person.

As a consequence, Khan announced last night, on AEW Dynamite, that the titles of trios and the AEW World Championship were vacant. He was not the only one who referred to the internal situation of the company. Jon Moxley, one of the most beloved stars in the AEW locker room, admitted feeling anger and shame, using a play on words in which he referred to the suspension situation, in addition to assuring that he felt that way for not having achieved retain the title at AEW All Out.

They have not been the only movements of Tony Khan regarding Dynamite. One of the most outstanding details was the elimination of CM Punk and Kenny Omega in the opening video of the show. CM Punk reappeared in recent weeks after his return, while Kenny Omega also reappeared after his return to participate in the All Elite Wrestling trios tournament. None of them were part of last night’s entrance video.

All Elite Wrestling usually makes changes to the opening video depending on who is the current champion or who is active. In this case, it seems evident that the company has done it for both cases. Officially, CM Punk is still part of the All Elite Wrestling rosterbut it is rumored that he could reach an agreement with Tony Khan to leave the company.

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