AEW Rampage Results August 19, 2022

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Welcome to the 55th episode of AEW Rampage, broadcast by TNT and YouTube through the Space TV channel. On this week’s show, members of Swerve in Our Glory will defend the AEW World Tag Team Championships against Private Party. Also, Athena andwill face Penelope Ford in single combat.

Claudio Castagnoli enter the scene towards the ring to give a promo. Claudio talks about his ROH Championship and appreciates the presence of Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Stemboat. After this he announces an open challenge for the ROH Championship for next week. Dustin Rhodes responds to the challenge, they both talk about what they have in common and Dustin promises that he will go all out in combat, they both shake hands as a sign of respect.

AEW World Tag Team Championships: Swerve In Our Glory (Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland) (c) vs. Private Party (Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen)

Keith Lee and Isiah Kassidy start the action, Lee tries to throw Isiah through the ring but his rival blocks him. Keith quickly knocks down his rival and takes over. Swerve lunges at his rival but Isiah blocks him, Swerve falls to ringside and Kassidy lunges at him. The action returns to the ring and Marq enters the scene to punish Swerve in the corner of him. Quen takes down his rival with some Dropkicks and takes him to his corner to take over from Isiah. Marq enters again to try to continue the punishment but Swerve escapes and takes over from Keith Lee. Private Party is knocked down several times by Lee, he tries to attack Isiah but is blocked and Quen enters the scene. Keith prevails over his rival and takes over from Swerve, who kicks his rival and applies his final move to take the victory. Winners and still champions: Swerve In Our Glory.

FTW Championship: Hook (c) vs. Zack Clayton

Zack Clayton gives a promo before the fight where he makes fun of the public. He rings the bell and Hook quickly locks his rival in a modified Sleeper Hold, Clayton is knocked unconscious and the referee signals that he cannot continue. Winner and still champion: Hook.

In a behind-the-scenes segment, Lexy Nair and The Factory meet at a poker table. Powerhouse Hobbs approaches them and flips the table. Hobbs says that Marshall was supposed to take care of Starks. Marshall says that he keeps his word about it, before leaving.

Buddy Matthhews w/Julia Hart vs. Serpentico

Buddy quickly knocks down his opponent and goes for height but Serpentico escapes. Buddy kicks his opponent off the edge of the ring and takes him back into the ring. Buddy sends his rival against the cornerback and knees him, after which he applies his final move and takes the victory. Winner: Buddy Matthews.

after the fight I look enters the scene with the House Of Black mask in his hands. Buddy tries to attack him but is blocked by his rival, Miro sends him against the metal steps and continues to attack him savagely in the ring. Miro ends the action with a Superkick.

Penelope Ford vs. Athena

Athena quickly knocks down her rival but Ford fights back with a few punches and sends her to the corner. Penelope pushes herself with the ropes and lands some knees, Athena goes to ringside to recover but her rival goes looking for her to continue the punishment. Ford sends Athena to the ring to continue the attack, her rival tries to fight back but she is blocked and Penelope continues her attack in the corner. Athena manages to recover and looks for the count of three on different occasions but without success. The action moves to ringside, Athena sends her rival against the protection of the public and returns her to the ring to apply an Eclipse and take the victory. Winner: Athena.

After the fight, Kiera Hogan and Red Velvet They attack Athena from behind. Jade Cargill enters the scene with Athena’s wings, the TBS champion destroys Athena’s wings on the entrance ramp to the ring and attacks her with a sledgehammer in the ring to end the segment.

AEW Trios Championship Qualifying Match: Trustbusters (Ari Daiviri, Parker Bourdreux and Slim J) vs. Orange Cassidy and Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta)

Daiviri and Taylor start the action. Quickly Slim J and Beretta go into action, Trent and Taylor punish their rivals together but Parker quickly enters the ring to take down the Best Friends. Both teams attack each other at ringside, Parker and Beretta stay in the ring, the Trustbusters member prevails and takes over from Slim J, who attacks Trent against the canvas. Ari Daiviri takes over and continues the attack on Trent, Beretta manages to fight back but Slim J enters to attack him, faces Cassidy and Beretta takes advantage of the situation to take down his opponent. Orange Cassidy goes into action and knocks down all of his rivals, however, Parker stops him, the Best Friends try to attack him but Parker stops them. Finally, the Best Friends and Cassidy prevail, kicking him. Slim J goes into action to attack his rivals but is stopped by Cassidy. Best Friends and Cassidy take down Parker at Ringside and against the barricade. In the ring, Slim J knocks Cassidy down but doesn’t get the count of three. Danhausen appears in the audience and distracts Slimm J, the Best Friends take advantage and knock down their rival, after which they team up with Cassidy to apply a joint maneuver to Slim J and take the victory. Winners: Orange Cassidy and Best Friends.

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