Actress Alicia Machado reveals drug addiction

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Alice Machado
At 18, Alicia Machado had almost a million dollars. Photo: Getty Images.

I was crazy crazy, I was a disaster“, revealed Alice Machadoactress, presenter and former beauty queen, who explained that between the ages of 17 and 25 he had a period of excesses that included drugs.

In an interview for the program “Sit who can!”, Alicia Machado explained that she has not tried cocaine, but she was immersed in drugs such as amphetamines and diet pillsin addition to being a time when he drank a lot of alcoholic beverages.

“I know how the devil works”

“Yes, I was crazy crazy, I was a disaster from 17 to 25 years old, candle with burundanga; I was terrible, terrible, I liked the party. (Excesses) yes of course, many. (Drugs) yes, well, I have never tried parakeet, Never; but I also have a theme with that, a theme with that type of drugs; but I was on issues of amphetamines, diet pills. Yes, I had a time when I drank a lot, like everyone else.

Alice Machado.

The ex miss Universe in 1996 he shared that at the age of 18 he had almost a million dollars; After her experiences, she said: “I know how the devil works” and she does not judge young people who can fall into addictions like her.

“I come from a cradle, I come from a family, I come from a house and it is very easy from my position right now as Alicia Machado, the figure that I am, to be able to point out a girl who might come to a contest that comes from Venezuela, from a very humble neighborhood where she has been a girl who perhaps has been mistreated since she was a child, who has not had to eat and I know how the devil works. The devil also works through necessity.

Alice Machado.

“I’m not that reachable”

In the love plane, Alice Machado said she would like to have a husband, the last thing she would need in her life because you already have the rest, like independence and a job.

“I am not so attainable, I have never been, I have never been, but that has nothing to do with morality or anything, that’s how they raised me, I have become independent, I have my job, my talent. Although I do not have a husband, but I have everything else. I would like (to have a husband), it would be like the last piece of Lego that I need to complete.

Alice Machado.

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