Ace Steel would have bitten Kenny Omega during the backstage altercation after AEW All Out

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The controversy that has surrounded CM Punk Y elite these last few hours after the controversial press conference granted by the new AEW World Champion once it was over AEW All Out. All because Punk made a series of comments that caused a stir in the company locker roomespecially upsetting the executive vice presidents of All Elite Wrestling.

It was even commented that some talents had threatened to leave. However, the worst was yet to come as journalist Sean Ross Sapp later reported a possible backstage altercation that ended in a alleged fight between CM Punk and Ace Steel with members of The Elite (without specifying which of them exactly).

On the other hand, other journalists confirmed that the security present at the press conference left the room quickly, according to Steve Muehlhausen, Boxing / MMA / Pro Wrestling journalist, because theThe argument between Punk and the Young Bucks turned physical, with the former trying to hit at least one of the Bucks.

Now, Sean Ross Sapp, has offered more information about it through Fightful Select, noting that Punk returned to backstage after his controversial statements at the press conference. The executive vice presidents (Kenny Omega and Young Bucks) were still in the building, and an altercation occurred, which caused many people to intervene. Sapp indicates that at this point in the story, the details of the situation are no longer clear. Nevertheless, the Wrestling Observer has noted that CM Punk started the fight by hitting Matt Jackson.

Sapp comments that most of the people his outlet was able to speak with allege that Punk’s trainer, Ace Steel, was involved. Other sources noted that Nick Jackson ended up getting “shaken” or knocked out, getting scarred after the fight. That ended up happening as a result of Ace Steel throwing a chair, according to numerous sources. It is also said that Kenny Omega and Ace Steel “got into a fight”, and that Steel allegedly bit Omega and grabbed him by the hair.

The situation became very tense and chaotic. This was revealed by the witnesses with whom the medium was able to speak. “A lot of insults, a lot of chaos, and a lot of people who are not willing to argue”said a person who was present at the time.

Possible consequences after what happened

Meanwhile, the medium indicates that at least one of the coaches was “very upset” by what happened. Right after Punk’s scuffle ended, a security guard ended up running backstage. Several people with whom the media has been able to speak believe that the altercation could lead to legal consequences. In addition, there are reports that Christopher Daniels and Pat Buck were involved in the fight, although they seem to vary depending on who you talk to. Secondly, it is said that there were several people trying to calm the situation.

It should be remembered that Eddie Kingston was recently suspended for two weeks for a physical altercation with Sammy Guevara. The media points out that there have been other altercations of this type previously in AEW, such as the one between Sadie Gibbs and Bea Priestly in All Out 2019, and that Matt Jackson helped smooth it out. Since then, a few more cases have been known.

On the other hand, Sapp points out that Tony Khan was not present at the fight, because he was attending the press conference, not far from there. In this sense, it is said that the talents that immediately followed Punk in the press conference had no idea what he said or what was going on.

PWInsider offers more information about it

Mike Johnson, a journalist from PWInsider, adds that, after the press conference offered by Punk, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks went to the fighter’s locker room to reprimand him for his comments. The discussion came to blows, but no one would know for sure who started the physical confrontation. Meanwhile, despite the fact that Omega was also present, he never physically confronted Punk.

On the other hand, who did intervene, as Fightful already pointed out, was Ace Steel, whose wife was also in the vicinity of the event, especially if we take into account that she was in charge of taking care of Punk’s dog, Larry, probably inside the wrestler’s own locker room.

Once the security separated those involved, they continued arguing and shouting until Omega and The Young Bucks left Punk’s locker room area. As a consequence of the fight, the media indicates that one of the Bucks came back to the hotel with a black eye. Today, the AEW vice presidents left the city of Chicago.

Meanwhile, Johnson points out that All Elite Wrestling tries to be as tight-lipped as possible while deciding what action to take on the matter.. On the other hand, within the locker room there is a division between those who support CM Punk and those who position themselves on the side of Omega and The Young Bucks. The first group supports Punk as the EVPs broke into his locker room, leaving the first group outnumbered. On the other hand, those who support them criticize Punk for his comments at the press conference, holding him responsible for what happened later.

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