accuses her of copying tennis

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  • As the legal process of Nike against lululemonbrands like adidas they have fought firms like Thom Browne.

  • The tennis segment is one of the most valuable in the tennis market. apparel.

  • Nike has become one of the most influential brands through social networks, due to the special editions it launches, such as the collaboration with Tiffany and Co.

Nike had the idea of ​​suing lululemon accusing her of copying the design of a pair of tennis shoes, in a process reminiscent of lawsuits such as that of adidas against Thomas Browne.

These legal complaints remind us of the value of brands in apparelwhere the weight of Nike is enormous, adding a value of 33 thousand 176 million dollars, according to the projection of Brand Financethis invariably forces us to recognize that the sporting factor is highly demanded in the footwear and clothing industry, which is why brands such as adidas they are listed as the fifth most valuable in this estimate by adding a brand value of 14 thousand 636 million dollars. Both brands are even above that Hermes, Zara, H&M Y Uniqlo.

The tennis of discord

Nike launched a lawsuit against lululemon and the process exhibits at least three models of which it accuses the Korean brand of copying its designs.

The accusation is not deaf, it is about an estrangement of the most valuable brand in the apparel against a firm that has grown strongly in the segment, although it has not stood out in the sale of sports shoes, of which Nike is a leader, proof of this statement is the last collaboration he launched with Tiffany & Co. as part of the jewelry chain’s anniversary celebration.

This process is an important reference point for how important it is for brands to understand the consumer and not only that, to scale the market capacity that the apparel has, especially in a process in which it has become definitive to understand what it is worth at the moment. to communicate.

About Nikethe brand has stood out for a very important element in the lawsuit and it is the precision on which it has based its complaint, warning that elements such as textiles, tubular structures, fabrics and interwoven areas were violated.

“The claims of Nike They are unjustified, so we hope to be able to prove it in court,” he explained. lululemon in statements that were disclosed by Front Office Sports.

As part of this complaint, the sneakers of those who Nike accuses Lululemon of copying are the chargefeelboth in his version middle What low; the blissfeel and the strongfeel. These tennis shoes are recent bets by the brand in running sports shoes, especially since it is a category that has stood out in value due to the impact it has generated on consumption.

Crucial tasks have invariably been established, through which the value of a product’s design is recognized, especially when we see that thanks to this footwear and other products of the Korean brand, lululemon reported upwards its forecasts for the last quarter of 2022, with growth of between 25 and 27 percent.

Demand for Nike against the Korean competitor is similar to what happened with Adidas against Thom Browne, a firm that it accused of allegedly using the famous three stripes in its garment design, which the German brand has used for decades as part of its graphic identity, which It has evidently earned him recognition in the market.

In that lawsuit, which also obtained a sentence in the first month of 2023, a decision was made against adidasfor which his complaint did not advance when he even wanted to obtain million-dollar compensation.

These cases highlight the value of design in a product and how important innovation laboratories are within these companies to achieve products that adhere to the brand identity.

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