A well-cared-for city contributes to the well-being and health of its population

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Urban planners around the world are beginning to recognize that health problems grow in the city center and that illness can be treated before it appears, with good urban planning.

For the world body UN-Habitat, “cities can solve many of the current challenges facing our world”. Excessive reliance on cars, sedentary lifestyles and lack of consumption of unhealthy food is fueled by poor urban planning decisions that are reflected in rising rates of overweight and obesity.

Hence, after the pandemic, many people are rethinking the city where they want to live. In this sense, Cancun continues to be targeted, not only as one of the best tourist destinations in the world, but also as a very good option to live.

Urban planning is broadening horizons and in this growing city, a large urbanization and maintenance project is being undertaken on its main roads and communication accesses, as well as a rehabilitation and remodeling project that will last a year and a half, which, although While it is true that it causes setbacks in daily mobility, it will bring great benefits to everyone.

There are many reasons to live in Cancun, here we list just a few that have to do with its urbanity and growth:

Location and accessibility

Two essential factors to make the decision to buy a property. The southern zone of Cancun has shopping centers, schools, hospitals and is only 15 minutes from the Cancun International Airport and the Hotel Zone.

Town planning

Cancun is a city in constant growth, so its layout and urban planning are adapting. The maintenance of its communication routes and infrastructure is at the height of the great world orbs.

Outdoor Recreation

Sport is a fundamental part of the health of Cancun families. Along Av. Huayacán runs a very well signposted bike lane and green area; and by Av. Cancún, the Parque de la Equidad, allow you to ride a bike, run and walk with your pets.

Enjoy great amenities

Living in Cancun has to be synonymous with Living Well, that’s why select a place with the best amenities that will allow you to enjoy the place where you live and want to invite your family and friends for a pleasant coexistence.

live in your perfect place

Privacy, modernity and comfort in one place: La Rioja Residencial.

This development is the most exclusive of Altta Homes, located in the south of the city, the area with the highest surplus value in Cancun.

It has a strategic location, in the heart of the southern part of the city, with shopping centers, schools, churches, theaters and hospitals.

Something that characterizes La Rioja Residencial is its contemporary design and architecture, as well as its open spaces, which give you the feeling of freedom and security, all in a beautiful setting.

Its excellent amenities will enchant you!

• Security Booth

• Electrified Permitral Fence

• Swimming pool

• Multipurpose room

• Childish games

• Green areas

• Gym

• Soccer field

• Pet Area

• Parking for Visitors

• Concrete Roads

• Macrocisterna

• Solar Lighting in Vialiades and Common Areas

The Home that you and your family deserve is in La Rioja Residencial.

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